Hamish---Indian-SpiritThere‘s those guys who somehow got bored of the game and who hide in the hotel after their gig. And there‘s those guys who go bananas like a teenager even after years of touring. Hamish, head honcho of UK‘s finest Further Progressions is one of the latter ones.

Speaking as a music ­connoisseur: What have been your most amazing discoveries this summer?

Well, Noisily Festival in the UK was a huge discovery! We’ve been waiting for a new electronic festival focused on the psychedelic side and these guys have really delivered. Set in a beautiful location it is a really well designed event with some fantastic people behind it. So much fun! Also two new artists have really delivered for me this summer – Daydreamer and 0db. Psychedelic Progressive at its very best. You will be hearing these guys around a lot in the future.

And as a common party animal? Any highlights this summer?

Absolutely. Boom Festival for one… Beautiful location, great production, it was great to be back there. At Fusion Festival I was honoured with a 3 hour set which I loved. It allowed me to mix old and new tracks and styles, to feel what the dance-floor was wanting, and deliver. And lastly, this summer was the first time I have used only a USB key for my sets. Leaving my CD case at home was a very scary thing to do, I felt naked without it the first time! Being able to carry all of my music in my pocket is such a revelation… your always ready!

What’s cracking at your label, Furthur Progrssions?

Obviously the summer was outdoor time. Our next release will be coming in November, with the debut EP ‘Alpha State’ from Daydreamer. Following that we will be releasing Volume 2 of London Landscapes, which was the first release on Furthur Progressions. We have been working on this for a while and I am really excited about the artists we have involved, it’s going to be a special one!


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