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ZNA Gathering 2015: Our Past in the here and now

ZNA Gathering 2015 In the past everything was better. SPIRIT, SOUND, PEOPLE. Parties with only one dance floor full of energy, a community, a we-are-one feeling. But, if you want to see your future, look into the past! At the …

Freedom Festival celebrates its 10th birthday

The Freedom Festival which celebrated its 10.birthday is an event, which created a temporary place for fantastic experiences!

PORTUGAL: Psychedelic trancers dancing under the ancient tree

It was the late 80s and everyone in the underground club scene talked about Ibiza. EDM was thriving on what would later become the hottest clubs of the 90s.

Freedom Festival 2015: Freedom is a State of Mind

“LIGHT plays a central role in human ACTIVITIES. On the most fundamental level through photosynthesis, Light is necessary to the existence of LIFE itself, and the many applications of light have revolutionized society through medicine, communications, entertainment and culture.” Freedom …



meskalart.deviantart.com facebook.com/meskalART meskalART Did you notice that we have the word „mushroom’ even two times on our front page? Yes, its true- have a very close look at that floating form again The name of our little magazine has been …