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Sometimes it’s like that: You get to know a colleague, find him sympathetic, then over 2–3 seasons many encounters and cut. When we met again on the occasion of this article, the connection reoccurred immediately. But some things still have …

Life Stories with Ticon: “Music…the driving power of unity for mankind”

An in-depth interview with Ticon aka Filip Mardberg & Fredrik Gilenholt. πŸ™‚ Ticon are some of the most respected psychedelic progressive trance artists. The two producers from Sweden, Filip Mardberg and Fredrik Gilenholt, formed the duo Ticon in 1998. Guided …


Goawizzard (Project) formerly known as Dj * MaC* the Head from G.D.I, had since the early in the Nineties,dealt with all Styles of Electronic Music, he started with 14 years mixing electronic music styles,first Hardcore, Gabba, Speedcore then Rave, progressive …