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Sometimes it’s like that: You get to know a colleague, find him sympathetic, then over 2–3 seasons many encounters and cut. When we met again on the occasion of this article, the connection reoccurred …

Life Stories with Ticon: “Music…the driving power of unity for mankind”

An in-depth interview with Ticon aka Filip Mardberg & Fredrik Gilenholt. πŸ™‚ Ticon are some of the most respected psychedelic progressive trance artists. The two producers from Sweden, Filip Mardberg and Fredrik Gilenholt, formed …


Goawizzard (Project) formerly known as Dj * MaC* the Head from G.D.I, had since the early in the Nineties,dealt with all Styles of Electronic Music, he started with 14 years mixing electronic music styles,first …

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