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Pumayana means “Black Jaguar” in Southern American native language Quechua, although he is from France.

Here is the Puma story told by Richard:

Nine years ago I met my girlfriend Anne and we decided to go to India to visit Goa as well as other places like Hampi, Varanassi and Nepal. One nice morning at The German Bakery in Goa, we saw a Pumayana’s artwork (Boddhisatva – the Buddhas Mandala) displayed on the wall and it gave me a kind of flash. An idea clicked in my head and by luck, six months later, I saw again exactly this picture in a French festival but this time, fortunatly, the artist « Aurelien Floret » Pumayana was present. So I asked him if we could work together. He makes the artwork and we take care of the development on the different products like prints, clothing tapestries, etc… That was the beginning of our journey together.

Nina Ch'usiqa

All artwork come from Pumayana’s inspiration and is created from his spiritual life including meditation, dreamwork, healing work, shamanism, journeys in different cultures and the use of different entheogenics while exploring his own Consiousness. He has the gift to create some snapshots from his experiences and translate his vision into some artwork.

His creation are hand drawings mix with digital drawing. He uses different computer tools to create his final artwork .
He has knowledge of symbolism, Sacred Geometry and human culture from the 5 continents, especialy Asia, South America and Buddhist culture, all his artwork is about Spreading the Light, Peace and Balance for the Body Mind and Spirit. He translate the invisible world into pieces of art.

We opened our first shop in Koh Phangan in 2011 like an Art Gallery but also as a production place. After some years of work we started to be accepted in nice gatherings like Antaris, Hadra, Psy Fi, Ozora, Rainbow Serpent, Boom festival… and then Oregon Eclipse last summer.

We are now working a new extended clothing collection, expected to be ready this winter. Pumayana keeps creating artwork all the time and we count more than 175 original pieces today, please visit us sometimes.

Richard & Puma


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