The internet is a treasure trove of strange news, and in light of this, we came across this bit of information regarding the scene…this seems really crazy…what do you guys think of it? It’s written by a certain R. Naic, and it seems to border on science-fiction and…you be the judge:

“ The scene has a new age infiltration with the Flower Of Life – the creation pattern of the universe, linked to ethereal entities that eat the life energy of people through this symbol. The symbol known as Mer-Kah-Ba is the symbol of the Rothshield. It is believed by many that this symbol is something sacred, but it is a means of draining the energy. Many people who actual did the Merkahba, reported that after the initial bliss, they felt drained out, and felt like they were being controlled by some force.

  • Many people in the scene belief a new or golden age is coming in future but the New Age is an invention of the freemasons in front of Henry Kissinger, and is nothing more than their installation of their New World Order, one of their plan in the NWO is to use the scene for their Transhumanism Agenda!
  • There is a ego problem in the scene, there is no unity, the scene is splitting up in many sub genres and direction; this is good because this unfolded diversity, but there is a terrible competition between the artist and direction, who think they are better than others and only their style is the true psychedelic way of life. That was always one of the methods of the secret agenda against us, because the only way to change the world is through a clear and strong unity that holds together in love and take back our egos in humility!
  • Then there is a drug problem, psychedelic drugs were touted by many artist in their samples and messages amazing method to expand the consciousness and harmless, but irresponsibly used they can be very dangerous, especially LSD and instead of expanding people’s minds they can destroy and confuse them, they are also door opener of ethereal dark forces and beings, who can retract into peoples minds and energy fields and feed themself of their energy or posses people!
  • Drugs have always been used as a hidden methods of mind control, especially with their agenda and LSD pope Timothy Leary in the end of the 60th and the 70th who popularized LSD. In every sub-culture in the past, beginning with the beatniks and Willian S. Burroughs who was always have had an agenda, the hippies and than later the Punk scene were always tests of the agenda their premier leaders and stars were always MK-Ultra Victims also mind controled and there we came to the next point and our presence!
  • Is there an evil infiltration into our scene, which is destroying the special bond that we shared? The scene is no longer what is was, the magic is being lost.”

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