Sectio Aurea – Trance to Transcendence

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It’s a powerful day. The Masters of Puppets main floor is packed with psychedelic warriors. Everybody moving in sacred rhythm and every soul battling demons and creating new worlds on the astral plane. Sectio Aurea is playing an 8-hour set and those who have chosen to stay on the dancefloor are on a journey they will probably never return from.

This is the effect of the entheogenic duo Sectio Aurea. They define their music as an experience. One comparable to the awe-inspiring Notre Dame de Chartres in France, the Great Pyramid of Giza or even Claude Debussy’s ‘Dialogue du vent et de la mer’. They make such monumental comparisons not because of human arrogance, but because of the humble belief that their music can only be understood by those who personally experience it and decide for themselves.

What started as a sound experiment in a small attic in Switzerland somewhere in 2006, soon expanded into the experimental genius of Sectio Aurea as well as Argot Digamma, an ambient experimental project with no rules; and Anficlavis, a psychedelic progressive project. Caution to the new arrivals: all these projects may seem like either an elaborate hoax to a passerby, a mind-bending spiritual test to the seeker or the final destination for the metaphysics enthusiast. Whoever you are, one thing is for sure – the music of Sectio Aurea makes you realise that there are many paradigms in music and in our minds that are yet to explored. When you succumb your body and mind to these creative masterminds, you truly go from trance to transcendence.

So where did this duo come from? Who are they?

Marina comments, “Difficult question. Well, we don’t really know who we are or where we come from, but we can tell you what we do at the moment. Besides the 3 musical projects, which we hope is our message to the world, both of us are experts in medical complementary therapies. Chris is a vegan/vegetarian nutritionist, dental hygienist and consultant on the five biological laws and I am a Craniosacral therapist and Psych-K facilitator.”

Chris adds more perspective, “We are on an exodus to the beyond. When we create our music, we draw inspiration from sacred places, architecture, philosophy, flora and fauna all around us; and of course – silence. We rarely listen to modern electronic music composers. We always find ourselves going back in time to Contemporary Classical, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Gypsy and Medieval music. These are our music teachers.”

It is this perilous passion to showcase surrealism through music that brought the crowds in for Section Aurea’s set at several festivals, including Summer Never Ends Festival 2015 in Switzerland, Boom festival in 2014, Kali Mela 2016 in Spain, Haunted Future 2016 & 2017 in Greece, Masters of Puppets 2017 in Czech Republic, Oregon Eclipse 2017 in USA and many more.

“Our music is for the thinker, the explorer, the spiritual rebel. It derives its soul from the mathematics of nature – from a sunflower in bloom to your beloved’s face. From the derivation of the golden ratio to Walt Disney’s Mathmagic Land. What we are doing is studying science, math, spirit and describing it in music.”

And the saga continues with more festivals booked in this year and the next:

Apocalypse Sunrise 2017 in Italy

Large Hadron Collider 2017 in Switzerland

Temple of Darkness 2018 in Switzerland

Masters of Puppets 2018 in Czech Republic

Brasil and India Tours 2018 – to be announced

You can sample and join the journey of Sectio Aurea at


Article by Sheetal Rajan –


Visit the Sectio Aurea, Argot Digamma, Anficlavis, Sergio Aureola Website

Sectio Aurea, Argot Digamma, Anficlavis, Sergio Aureola on Facebook

What a great experience in Oman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW Thank you so much, you know who you are, we love you🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽 And tomorrow sunrise in India 😍🤘#argotdigammamusic ... See MoreSee Less

What a great experience in Oman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW  Thank you so much, you know who you are, we love you🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽 And tomorrow sunrise in India 😍🤘#argotdigammamusic

On the road again! Oman, India, Japan! Get ready to be reprogrammed! Massive DNA hijacking waves on the way, full of love!😁😘 🙏🏽❤️🤘#argotdigamma #sectioaurea #anficlavis #asiatour2018 #stelladoriente #argotdigammamusic ... See MoreSee Less

On the road again! Oman, India, Japan! Get ready to be reprogrammed! Massive DNA hijacking waves on the way, full of love!😁😘 🙏🏽❤️🤘#argotdigamma #sectioaurea #anficlavis #asiatour2018 #stelladoriente #argotdigammamusic


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Cant wait to be reprogrammed in India <3 safe travels and endless love for you !

Buon viaggiooo !!! 🤘🏾😜🙏

Coming to Goa too i hope : )

Enjoy the blast!! 🤗 Have safe trip 💕

Buen Viaje ! Cuidense

Buon viaggio 😘😘😘

Sempre con Voi !! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

we're waiting for you!! :)

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2 weeks ago

Sectio Aurea / Argot Digamma / Anficlavis

First Japan date-> Hiroshima! March 10th @ Singularity by irOri Music 🤘🇯🇵️😎

Singularity: Sectio Aurea in Hiroshima!Mar 10, 11:00pmMugen∞5610irOri Music & Henma Tribes of Psychedelic, in association with Pro Helvetia the Swiss Arts Council, are proud to present an absolutely unique psychedelic experience.

Cristian and Marina, a married couple from Switzerland, have spent ten years building a worldwide reputation for assembling experimental, mathematically-minded sonic structures on a solid foundation of funky rhythm and bass. They will fly directly from a wildly successful tour of Europe and India to perform their first-ever Japanese gig here in Hiroshima. Their five-hour set will combine all three of their projects to take us on a journey from abstract ambient music through to the heaviest trance grooves. Following their performance, local DJs will keep the party going until the sun comes up!

LOCATION: Mugen 5610, Hiroshima Japan
PRICE: 2500 yen

Sectio Aurea / Anficlavis / Argot Digamma (Argot Digamma Music)

Shota (Brainbusters)
Kaoji (Henma Tribe of Psychedelic)
Priapizzm (irOri Music)

Deco: 082

*** Argot Digamma will begin at 2300 sharp! Don't miss out ***

Sectio Aurea Info:
Argot Digamma Music are the Swiss duo Marina and Christian, united in sacred marriage, where "Two form no more than One." Together they decided to explore the sound and its forms and thus began their journey in electronic music composition. They took immediately awareness of the possibility, through the use of sound synthesis and rhythm as a language, to tell their daily lives, their passions, impressions, visions and studies. Through this art they approach to the knowledge of the cosmic order and the perception of higher reality. Excited and inspired by the luminous power of the eternal center of life, in 2005 they created their first project, taking its name borrowed from the divine proportion. Sectio Aurea is a fast music, obsessive, edgy, mesmerizing, chaotic, slightly poisonous, salted, metallic but also partially organic: it's abstract, complex and futuristic. It is suitable to be played from midnight until sunrise, and it is conceived and designed for those brave souls, willing and ready to reach their essential component through the ritual of dance and sound. The second project, Argot Digamma, is founded on Christmas Eve of 2011. Marina and Christian perceived sound vibrations of another nature; the insistent call to experience something new, different, something opposite but complementary and natural to the being solid, geometric and sharp of Sectio Aurea. A flaming bird, from the depths of their heart began to sing a song in a green language most ancient of creation itself. The song spoke about art of light, the spirit, the stained glass windows and pointed arcs. And mostly, about the "whole", that "is in whole." This bird still sings in its weird language, remembering tenaciously to the two musicians to convey the message of Art and Love. And t hey are doing it. Translating the words of its song in a slow and timeless music, unpredictable and volatile, egocentric and free, that asks for transformation and evolution. Its proportions are in appropriate measures, in order to be played in any environment, closed or open, within the supreme cathedrals and thick forests; in circus tents or in the finest clubs; on the highest mountain peaks or into the burning deserts, for all beings of good will in eternal search for themselves. The relentless trend towards the search for the completion and integration leads the couple to finalize the third and youngest project: Anficlavis . It is the bridge between the two extreme poles that are Sectio Aurea and Argot Digamma, and allows them to offer a wider repertoire thanks to the flexibility of their performance. This music is playful, progressive, fun, hypnotic, light, a little 'joker and a bit' bizarre; its speed is constant at around 138 bpm. Anficlavis is a double key capable of opening the gate of enchanted garden where our inner child plays.
MushroomMagazine interview:

Sectio Aurea Releases :
“In Vena Veritas” , Solo album by Akashik Records
“Ecco, il cielo!” , Solo album by Labyrinthine Crew
“Tritono”, EP by ArgotDigammaMusic

...and many tracks on different VA’s (Tantrumm Rec, Alice-d Production, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Triplag Music, Lycantrop Rec, Avatar Rec, Active Meditation Rec, Mind Expansion Rec, Samana Rec, Shaman Films Rec, Manic Dragon Rec, Anomalistic Rec, Labyrinthine Crew and many more).

Argot Digamma Releases :
“Forza (I)gnota”, EP by Ektoplazm Music
“Primo Ve(T)ro”, EP by ArgotDigammaMusic
“Scienza (S)conosciuta”, EP by ArgotDigammaMusic
“Anficlavis”, (Argot Digamma/Sectio Aurea ), EP by ArgotDigammaMusic
“Luce Sia”, EP by ArgotDigammaMusic
“Solis Statio”, (Argot Digamma, Anficlavis, Sectio Aurea), EP by ArgotDigammaMusic ...and single tracks for different VA’s.

Anficlavis Releases:
"Teal", by ArgotDigammaMusic, Solo Album

...and many tracks on different VA's.

Latest release :
“remembeRing”, (Argot Digamma, Anficlavis, Sectio Aurea), EP by ArgotDigammaMusic
... See MoreSee Less

Singularity: Sectio Aurea in Hiroshima!


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