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“I don’t want to sell nonsense”.

That’s Nike Krey. The straight-talking, ingenious artist, designer and owner of Shamanike. Just like her personality, Nike’s custom-made creations break the usual mould of festival wear. Leather, laces, metal, bones and skulls – each piece is handmade to match the ideas of the customer and the vision of the artist. The best part? There are no duplicates.

“Every piece is useful and is a reflection of my art. What you see exists only once”.

Nike spent her formative years dabbling in modeling, sculptures, art shows and theatre in the chaos of Berlin. Until one day she discovered her own thirst to create. What began as walks in the forest with her dogs to find interesting bones, skulls and material for creating lamps and sculptures soon shaped into a love for leatherworks and the creation of ‘useful art’.

The custom creations of Shamanike include earrings, necklaces, belt pouches, holsters, visors, dust masks and even dresses. Each one a reflection of the artist and her unique style. Each piece an artistic harmony of natural materials that make the wearer feel like a warrior and a dancer. From Buddha heads to bone geometry, Schnapps-holsters and even gas masks – the black leather and brass metal saga of Nike Krey’s art is always filled with excitement.

But Shamanike is not for everyone. According to Nike, her ideal customer is one who wants to wear something unique to show their bold, wild and spiritual personality. It is for those who see beauty in nature’s bounty – of life and of death.

When asked about the darkness of using bones and skulls – “I use bones in my work because they allow me to create beautiful unique pieces that have a life story, a history. There’s nothing more amazing than combining your soul journey with nature. And anyway, what’s so dark about it? Bones are white!”, she adds with a wink.

You can order your Shamanike ‘useful art’ through the artist’s social media pages.

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