4-fmp and other New Psychoactive Substances (also named designer drugs, research chemicals, RC’s or legal highs) are chemical substances that are not (yet) classified as a Schedule I drug. That’s why they are legal.

Some smartshops and online shops sell these chemicals, because there is a high demand. Not because they are a ‘safer alternative’.

No research has been conducted into these chemicals’ effects, consequences for the user, dosage, risks and how addictive the substance is. Nobody can tell you what these drugs do to your body in the short or long term. So if you decide to take them, you become your own crash test dummy!

At Azarius we only sell natural products that have been used extensively by shamans and tribes around the world, and researchers have documented the use, effects, dosage and the risks. This allows YOU to fully inform yourself and allows US to give customers correct warnings and safety tips.

All of our products have the ingredients on the package. If you buy pills or powder in a colourful package but with no ingredients on the label, chances are you are buying a barely legal chemical formula. 

Our Trip-E and other Happy Caps, Stargate, Ultimate XFlower Power and all other party pills are 100% natural


4 types of risks

1. Research chemicals are often sold as ‘similar to’ a drug you know, such as XTC or LSD. So people tend to use them in the same manner. This has proven to be very risky. Keep in mind: legal is not safe!
2. A chemical that’s new to you, is also new to your doctor. Doctors know how to treat people who overdosed on XTC or GHB, but if you need medical assistance after taking a new chemical, they won’t have the knowledge.
3. Dosing is complex, as there is no reliable information about dosing.
4. Long term risks and risks that come along with frequent use are unknown.
5. Nothing is known about combining these drugs. You’ll be like a guinea pig in a lab, but on your own.

There is some good news on the horizon: the most popular New Psychoactive Substances are currently being researched by the University of Amsterdam and the Dutch Trimbos Institute.

Hopefully we’ll soon have a clearer picture of these drugs, so that we can finally say ‘Just say know’.


Foto/source: Unity.nl

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