Ajna pursues the idea of Organic Clothing in the probably most consequent way: It is not only the deeply harmonic shapes and colours of Mother Nature that inspire the design of their clothes. Rather, also the entire production process is modelled on the perfectly balanced natural cycle that connects everything to everyone.

Knowing the roots of their clothes from seed to dye, became the motto of Ajna, a motto that shall make sure whatever covers one’s skin, will not only look good to the eye, but also feel good at heart. All the natural colours, shapes and textures will do no harm to Earth or to humans, thanks to organic cotton that is exclusively grown and crafted without any toxic chemicals.

Designer Tanja Vana grew up with deep fascination for nature and managed to transform the earthy smell and touch of the forest, the trees and the nature spirits into a marvellous, one-of-a-kind fashion line, even for the children.

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