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Dr.Goa is back and answers your questions which you always wanted to ask, but never dared to ask. If you have a question to Dr.Goa, then simply write to:

Dear Dr. Goa…,

My flatmate always tells me how cool yoga is, how it makes you super relaxed and peaceful. But she does it in a pretty loud and pushy way. Every morning and every night she mentions at least once that she just did yoga and that she is totally mellow and down to earth. She’s pretty loud and hectic in these situations, actually she appears to be almost hysteric or even aggressive. Well, she really does yoga, that I know. How can that be?

It’s quite a common phenomenon. There’s a surprisingly high number of people who practice yoga and who confuse the feeling of relaxation with a feeling of spiritual superiority over their environment. Basically a classic case of narcissism. Keep in mind: Even vegan yogis who frequently take part in jungle medicine rituals can be total jerks. That’s not necessarily your fault.

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