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He is one of the world’s most prominent electronic acts is currently no.41 in the DJMAG list. 2007 will view the implementation of his much-awaited album ‘Red Means Distortion’. Avi and Divyan shared a few thoughts with each other and here’s what they brought home:

Divyan: You recently released your new single ‘Future Music’. Could you elaborate on the concept of this track and where you think trance music is headed?
Avi: In 2005 I played in the Israeli love parade (200,000 people). It was the biggest stage I ever got to play at that time and I was overwhelmed. I was feeling all glowing and the main reason was that it was the first time that I played to many different people who like different genres of dance music and they all liked my music. I came back home after the parade and went right into the studio to start a track that would fit all those people in any dance-floor. The result was a good but unfinished track that I decided to put aside and finish in the future (this is why it’s called ‘Future music’). Not so long ago it felt that ‘the time has come’ and I opened the project again and finished it. This track could be used as an example to a direction that I think trance music is headed in the last few years: more accessible and rich with cross over elementsthis is the road to make trance bigger!

Divyan: What was your experience to reach this level?
Avi: The way to my success was not easy but from the beginning of my career – I always aimed high. I wanted to be able to create my own style of trance music so that people will respect it and through it they will find out more about this music because I really love trance and always want it exposed to more people. The way I see it, the bigger and more popular I get means that I have more power to support this wonderful music that became such a major part of my life and my biggest hope is that I will be able to do so for many years to come and that the global tribe will keep expanding to the end of time!’

Divyan: 2007 will witness the release of your new album. Will ‘Red Means Distortion’ deviate from the usual Astrix style?
Avi: I consider my 2nd album, ‘Artcore’, as the trade mark of the Astrix style and I will never deviate too far from it, but you can say with reassurance that the 3rd album is an evolution of my story telling and sound production. I mix my music with many inspirational elements that I get from listening to a lot of non-trance music in my spare time. I am sure the fans will love it.

Divyan: Which country do you think has the most potential for the development of psychedelic trance culture?
Avi: From my experience I can tell that the trance virus hits everywhere, given time. I think the biggest play ground for trance at the moment is in Brazil since it is the biggest scene with the biggest number of parties and of the people that attend them, but I also think that Japan is taking its events very seriously and its crowd is also very much ‘into it’ when it comes to living & breathing ‘trance life.

Divyan: What do you recall of your first few parties? What has been the most memorable gig for you?
Avi: I recall being in love with parties. To come to a place in another country then my own and to see a great party with great people and great sound and to know that I am going up next and then to get the reaction from the peopleit was such an adrenalin rushalways managed to get me excited (and still does). I remember one party in Israel, in the early beginning of my career, I made a party with one of my friends and with very low expectations since we only put my name in big fonts on the flyer. To our surprise, 1500 people turned up in that night and it was such a great joy for me. This was a night to remember as it was the time where I got the trigger to my motivation to be big in this musical worldand I think it happened.

Divyan: You act as inspiration for millions of producers around the globe, any specific words for them?
Avi: First of all I would like to thank them for seeing me in this manner. It’s this kind of positive feelings that keeps me going and drives me to the top of my ability. I will do my best to keep being worthy of this respect and I wish them all great success no less then mine. Keep working hard and your dreams will come true!