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After more than 5 years Astrix just dropped his new album. Apparently the popular Psytrance veteran doesn‘t have to prove himself so much anymore – which might be the reason why ‚‘ sounds both timeless and up-to-date as can be.


He.Art sounds different to what you did before. Tell us a little about the production process!
I gave much more space and attention to the creative process, made small ceremonies in the studio before starting a session, combined my work with painting, drawing & sculpting. The whole experience for me was very profound, and I feel it is in the music – but that is not for me to say.

You‘re also quite into collaborative production at the moment, aren‘t you?
Yes, there are many collabs – with Tristan, Avalon, Ajja, Raja Ram, Magik, Burn In Noise, and maybe one of the biggest things that happened in my musical life: A collaboration with Shpongle for their next album. I’m a die-hard Shpongle fan! There’s also Alpha Portal – a new project with Ace Ventura, a full Psychedelic Trance experience.

Summer‘s just around the corner. Any festivals you‘re looking forward to in particular?
Very much looking forward to Ozora, as my set last year was a great experience. I had a gig in Finland the day after, and actually bought a ticket back to Ozora just to experience the festival some more, but had to fly back home for a family emergency. Also looking forward to the very special Psy-Fi in Holland and some smaller festivals, like New Healing Festival. Sometimes the small ones leave you with a very special experience.

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