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Avalon - Copyright by Alicia Bastos - Lixpix

Avalon – Copyright by Alicia Bastos – Lixpix

A jack of all psychedelic trades
Again there’s barely any big festival without Avalon performing this summer. A chat with the man of the hour about inspiration, cooperation and the future.
What do you think is the bare minimum studio tech you need to write a killer tune?
Most importantly good acoustics, good speakers, good lappy.

Killerwatts. Avalon and Tristan: Quite a hefty combination. Did you ever feel like pinching yourself that you are writing music and performing with such a legend to the Psy scene?
Of course… haha! He has been a massive inspiration to me from day one. We‘re both each others biggest fans and critics! That‘s what Killerwatts is all about!

You are now working on a new project ‚Future Frequency‘ with Joe from Sonic Species, what‘s the inspiration there?
We have been old friends for a long time, way before we even thought about becoming Trance producers. It seemed like a natural step to combine forces, and create a new sound together. Still keeping the Sonic Species funk and Avalon power but taking at a slower tempo. UK psychedelic progressive vibes!

When can we expect to hear some of these new amazing sounds?
Universo Paralello 2013 will be the grand debut of Future frequency, working hard for that!

Who would you still love to work with?
I‘ve literally worked with all my favourites no kidding!! I guess Ace Ventura at some point would be great, I have a ot of respect for him. He is a pioneer and top dude! I‘m remixing him at the moment.

…and which of the artists you have worked with have you learnt the most from?
Eskimo, Pixel for technical stuff. For vibe: All the UK Nano artists. We‘re like family, evolving a sound together… UK Psychedelic. On a personal level, Tristan. He is like a brother, best party buddy you can have but also the best teacher!

What does your future hold?
Musically, another Avalon album will be out in 2014 as well as Future Frequency and a Killerwatts RMX album. You can download a lot of my music and sets for free on my Facebook and Soundcloud. ­
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