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Representative of the legendary Goa Trance label TIP Records since 14 years, former manager of the no less legendary Flying Rhino…Lucas has been a driving force of the Psytrance scene for some time now. DJing Trance and Techno in 30 different countries during the past 3 years he is alive and kicking as always. Also in terms of music production: Together with Ric Featherstone under the moniker Sybarite with forthcoming tracks on Nano (Avalon remix album), TIP (Downtempo album) and Digital OM Records (V.A. – Shivadelica). Some tracks with Avalon and Laughing Buddha are still unreleased, so watch out for them!

Another exciting project is Major Clanger, a Techno project with Eat Static’s Merv Pepler, already to be heard live at various festivals. Apropos: Lucas got a new solo live show! You might get an impression of his sound by the recent track ‘Hooked On Machines’ (TIP) or the popular ‘Mind Of It’s Own’ (Hadra). Among the countless gig destinations of Lucas there are Boom festival, where he will perform a Techno and a Psytrance set, and Utopia, where he will play some more Psytrance.

Mit Auftritten in 30 Ländern während der letzten 3 Jahre und diversen Studioprojekten gehört DJ Lucas zu den umtriebigsten Gestalten der Szene: Als Sybarite stehen Tracks auf Nano und TIP aus, als Major Clanger kraftvolle Techno Produktionen. Auch solo ist er gerade mit einem neuen Live-Projekt und neuem Sound am Start!
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