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When it comes to Progressive Trance, one inevitably encounters Blue Tunes Records. Founded by two of the busiest protagonists of this genre, the Montagu and Golkonda brothers, the Northern German label pursued a very literal interpretation of the term ‘progressive’ from its very first hour. Thus the releases of Blue Tunes represent a skilful balancing act between classical, Trance-focussed productions and modern, club-orientated influences, without ever slipping too much to the one or the other side.

In January the label turned 5 – time for a well-deserved ‘High Five’, which is also the name of the anniversary compilation.According to the avant-garde philosophy of Blue Tunes, this CD will not be just another Best Of collection of old hits. Rather it gives a very up-to-date impression of the label’s activities, including 10 previously unreleased tracks. Solid Progressive stompers can be heard next to sleek hybrid productions, tried and tested names appear next to newcomers. Also there is a Chill Out track by Koan that gives a psyche-licious foretaste on their new album.

Another string in Blue Tunes’s bow is Twilight, the debut album of Osher. The Isreali, already well known as part of the project Ananda Shake, combined his vast experience of producing powerful and melodic Psychedelic stuff with Progressive grooves. The result is a surprising trancey album that makes the listener longing for a sunlit open air floor. Apropos open air: Also the new Haldolium album delivers a perfect soundtrack for the summer festivals. Mario Reinsch programmed an own software synthesizer for this work. In this way the organically rolling and grinding groove of the classic Haldolium productions was elevated to a fascinating new level definitely a comeback to look out for this summer!

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