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Psychedelic Techno – For some people a contradiction in itself…Why is it not?
Psychedelic Techno is how people call it, we prefer Offshore Lysergic Techno – when the music meets the imaginary factor it’s already psychedelic! When we got interested in electronic music back in the days, it was all out of genres and styles and we liked when it was taking us’ far away’.

So we just took a different approach which was not to follow the rules of Techno or Trance but using our favourite elements. It‘s like cooking, with experience in the kitchen you start to discover new dishes, ingredients, spices and different cousins, it’s becoming a fusion with its own character and taste.

Your label celebrated its 10th birthday last year. How did the Boshke Beats evolve during the past decade?
We evolved with our tastes, influences and discoveries, we became more professional and experienced. Midimiliz became one of the most successful acts under their new Extrawelt moniker, Jurek Przezdziecki with his recent releases on Cocoon / Affin / Definition, Metalogic got signed to UK‘s mighty Techno imprint Perc Trax…this is a highly enjoyable evolution for us.
Any special release for this special anniversary…?
Indeed, we did a special 4th chapter of our CHRONIKA compilation series. With exclusive tunes by Midimiliz, The Delta, Metalogic, Fuzzion, Jurek Przezdziecki, Adam Jay, Triangle Eyes, Adeway, The Rockitmen, Der Interpret and Triple Distilled. It’s designed by our visual mentor and graphic designer Inga Burina, all in all an anniversary joint for all of our fans.

Some of those are your projects, no?
That’s right. Triangle Eyes is my recent project together with my childhood friends, Konstantin Gervis and Michael Handros. Also I co-produced The Delta track on the CD with Marcus C. Maichel (X-Dream), and there is another project of mine with Michael Lawrence – The Rockitmen. Last but not least my Downtempo project Triple Distilled.

Also your sublabel Horns & Hoofs has its 10th birthday this year…
Yes, and it’s really active right now, at least one EP per month – we are reaching our 50th release soon! We got Adam & Volker (Alic / Digital Diamonds) helping me with A&R and other important technical things, keeping an eye on new talents and well-known artists at the same time. Recent releases include Krumelur, Frechbax, OMB, Pallida, Progus, Max Pollyul, Deto & Gleam, Quite K, Fuzzion, Rezolut and many others. The ‘Best of Horns & Hoofs Vol.1’ compilation by Mexican DJ prodigy Anyer Quantum gives a great impression of the label’s sound!


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