The music project Cosmic Vibration has been travelling through our cosmic spheres for some time now: A a conversation about music, sound frequencies and live sound.

Who is Cosmic Vibration?

Cosmic Vibration is a real live act with maximum drumming, gonging and singing. Our goal: Multidimensional animation for molecular-modulated consciousnesses to expand and extend the limits of our own sensory system. We use the shamanic stringency of repetitive sequences, the impulsiveness of inspired acoustic, analogue gong and drum sounds and of course the intuitive vocal guidance of a transcended nature princess to send the people present into the next orbit.

What motivates you?

Well, Cosmic Vibration has accompanied the contemporary history of music from the beginning and survived into our science fiction era; we were already making music when nobody knew what a sequencer was, but our vision of a global, shared soul was there and strong. We wanted to go further in the process of “becoming one” than everyone else. Our concern is that all beings are really well and all people deserve to be respected and loved. Without ifs and buts.

Would you like to say something about your individual biographies and your function in the band?

Gladly! The name Cosmic Vibration was shaped by Tom Tiefenbacher; his mark of drummer, composer, producer and zeitgeist of psychedelic rock, pagan scene, dub-reggae and now goanaut; about 4 years ago the gong master Jens Zygar joined the band, who as a cosmic sound pioneer has had a 25-year career with the Star Sounds Orchestra and then Tuulia, a young Joik singer from Finland, who live contributes an authentic singing voice. The big challenge lies in this as well, is to supplement the program music defined by bits and bytes with living live sounds in such a way that the skewer of the automated beat sequences’ dictatorial force is turned around and a living spiral galaxy of electromagnetic pulse waves is created by this very live sound.

Your favourite festival?

Absolutely the New Healing Festival, the mixes of the different worlds of experience are most coherently implemented there and because the team has always supported us best.

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