Dark news - Pleiadians

Pleiadian Records feiert 10jähriges mit 5.Release Auditory Code.

3. Album von Belief Engine bei Antagon mit 10 Tracks zwischen 167-180 BPM

Namo Group mit 1. Kompilation Waqt Ha Psy Ka gemastert von Kashyyyk

Damaru Records aus Hamburg vor dem Sommer mit Kompilation Synthetic Lifeforms

Neonglo mit 1.Album Rythmic Doses (Freak Records), afrikanische Wellen des südafrikanischen Künstlers

HRLM Okkult volt 1 von Real Vision Music mit obskuren Klangquellen

Rawar To the Gods (Deviant Force Rec), ein 9 Track Meisterstück von Helders

Junxpunx wird August/September in Europa sein, ein erstes komplettes Studioalbum kommt.

Pleiadian Records celebrates 10th anniversary with 5th release Auditory Code. The compilation features a mix of future-present innovators and high-end frequency creators that can please the most demanding psychoactive dance floors worldwide.Get ready to experience some of the finest Darkpsy/HiTech sounds in the scene by Kashyyyk, Audiopathik, Zik, Claw, Mubali and more! Sit back and allow your mind to travel in to neo-powered dimensions.



The 3rd album, Belief Engine of Antagon is a real 3rd strike. 10 tracks of modern Psytrance with a BPM ranging from 167-180 coming in a wave of constant groove, flittering noises, crazy melodies, with total machine power, in summary: Belief Engine.

The Namo Group, a bunch of like-minded individuals who resonate with the high BPM tunes at our parties, gatherings and sessions, have had our bonds fortified through the fast-paced-adrenaline-laced music. 1st compilation Waqt Ha Psy Ka mastered by Kashyyyk soon.

Damaru Records from Hamburg bring out a new compilation before summer. Synthetic Lifeforms will blast your brains, artwork was done by Aashit Singh.

Neonglo presents 1st album Rythmic Doses (Freak Records). Scraped off the underbelly of the mothership sent back to planet earth, forging of sounds never heard before…a South African artist bringing the African wave to the world. 

HRLM Okkult volt 1 by Real Vision Music. Check the new explorations in music. Through some unconventional recording techniques, obscure sound sources and countless nights of deep sound exploration, there is a lot of care and efforts to be discovered within these tracks. 

RawarTo the Gods by Deviant Force Rec. is a 9 track masterpiece that stands as a showcase for the development of Helders’ unique and uncompromising style of music during the last years. It will abduct you into the depths of your own mind, letting you explore the hidden forces behind consciousness. 

Junxpunx will be in Europe around August/September – watch out for his extreme re-awakening freestyle performances. A 1st complete studio album is in progress.

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