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DsompaDsompa (tibetan for “flowing together”) is located in Hamburg, Germany.

He discovered the electronic music scene in the late 90ties and after visiting his first tranceparty he was bewitched with the culture, art and the sound!

Inspired by friends he played his first set in the church of Ruigoord. In May 2009 he joined the Switzerland based label Peak Records and in early 2012 he joined the Hamburg based label Damaru Records!

He collects different styles of nighttime and daytime psy to create nice set’s, depending on his mood and the people on the dancefloor, but always psychedelic and funky! Lately you could catch him playing in the chillout as well!

From 2007 till today he played nearly all over Europe including Festivals like Trimurti (Russia), Tangra (Bulkgaria), After Boom (Portugal), Fullmoon (Germany), Lost Theory (Croatia), Tundra & Yaga (Lithuania).

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