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The Dutch Smartproduct Association (VLOS) had an emergency meeting on the 23. of April to discuss a dangerous development in the Dutch parliament, which would affect the legal status of the Magic Mushroom growkits.

The political party of Geert Wilders (PVV) proposed an amendement law, to make all preparatory activities for substances in Drug Schedule II illegal. It was aimed at Weed Growshops, to illegalize selling lamps and pots that help to grow marihuana. It would in effect make the mushroom growkits illegal, because the mycelium will become shrooms in the end (shrooms are in schedule II as well).

Even though it was controversial to make plastic pots and lamps illegal (ridiculous!) still there was a majority in parliament of Christians and Right Wings.

The weekend before the emergency meeting, there was unexpected news: the Dutch Government fell, Wilders pulled the plug. It did not have anything to do with shrooms, but with budget cuts and spendings. Long story, but you can imagine what a good weekend it was for stoners and trippers.

On the 12. of September the Dutch will elect a new parliament. PVV‘s restrictive proposal will not be dealt with until the new government is installed. But there may not be a majority for it anymore after the next elections.

It turns out that many PVV voters are also pot smokers. Coffeeshops reported that these people are usually unaware that Wilders wants to make all coffeeshops illegal. Therefore Wholecelium will start a national campaign in all shops, with infographic posters explaining which parties want to take your joint away. It might have a small effect on the voter turnout!


Die holländische Smartprodukt Vereinigung wollte am 23.April bei einem Notfalltreffen über Pläne der holländischen Regeiung debattieren, den Legalstatus von Magic Mushroom Growkits zu ändern.

Die von der Partei des Rechtspopulisten Wilders (PVV) betriebene Änderung hätte neben Mushroom Growkits jeglichen Verkauf von Growkits also auch für Cannabis wie z.B. Lampen und Plastiktöpfe verboten. Doch dann liess Wilders die Regierung über Haushaltsfragen wenige Tage vorher zerbrechen.

Dadurch kommt es nun am 12.September zu Neuwahlen in Holland. Wholecellum wird landesweit mit aufklärenden Postern versuchen, deren Ausgang zu beeinflussen. Tatsächlich wissen nicht wenige PVV Wähler, obwohl durchaus Jointraucher, was ihre Partei vorhat.

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