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Psytrance culture is still strong in Australia, but the recent years have seen the scene’s taste diversify a lot more. Along with the strong psy, progressive and downbeat/ambient scene, there are also many exciting techno, minimal, dubstep, experimental, house, breaks, glitch hop and IDM artists, meaning the parties always have a great variety of tunes to please anyone’s tastes. Australia’s bush doof scene doesn’t attract your regular bachelor and spinster crew. Bush doofers dance in the dirt and slap the air with laughter and groans that are guttural and free-sounding. These individuals have escaped the picket fences and computer screens… at least for the weekend. There’s a tinge of tribal protest in their dress – scruffy dreadlocks and free-flowing music. And of course, some might be under the influence of psychedelic drugs. Strong ones. In Australia, the trend has gained popular and mainstream notoriety in the last two decades with the advent of youth-focused festivals. Walk onto a certain Victorian proprietor’s land towards the end of January, and you won’t spot cattle grazing behind rusting fences. Instead, you’ll see a half-built pirate ship, rainbow-coloured tents and festival-goers dressed up as mermaids and fairies. There’ll might also be nymphs running around.

In NSW, there are festivals such as psy-trance extravaganza New Psycle, Earth Frequency Festival, Spring Equinox & Indigo Evolution NYE, in the ACT, Dragon Dreaming makes an annual appearance outside of Canberra; in central Australia, Wide Open Space brings bush doof grandeur to Alice Springs, with an opening ceremony involving electronica, indigenous performances and a heavy metal stage. These festivals attract people searching for something new — they combine the light and art shows festival-goers are used to with the most cutting edge DJ sets complete with 3D speakers and kinetic technology. They also keep a focus on the indigenous cultures of Australia and psychedelic expression.

Doofs often rely on word of mouth and social networking to get invitations out, and reviews and photographs of them rarely appear on major websites. Instead, a mixture of veteran and amateur journalists and photographers document the events through their own blogs and websites. There’s an intimate feeling of community and safety, especially at these smaller events, which sets them apart from mainstream music festivals such as Soundwave or Big Day Out.


Main Artist:

Unseen Dimensions
Unseen Dimensions on facebook

twilight on facebook

More artists:

Dark Nebula, Farebi Jalebi, Hypnagog, Luke Psywalker, Mr Bill, Positive Thought,
Shadow Fx, Tetrameth, Space Tribe, Suntribe, Terrafractyl, Staunch, Opiou, Creten,
Solid State, Strange Planet, Tiffon, Double Tech, Surge, Soundwave


The most important Psytrance related label:

Zenon Records

More labels

  • Weapon Records
  • Digital Psionics
  • Illuminati Records
  • Open Records
  • Up Records
  • Secret Psyde Records
  • Adapted Records
  • Peyotii Recordings
  • Universal Dance Records
  • Airglow Records
  • Sundance Records
  • 3rd Eye productions


The most important Party/Festival:

Rainbow Serpant Festival

More parties:

  • Akasha Festival
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Earth Freq
  • Maitreya Festival
  • Tribeadelic Ravelation
  • Dragon Dreaming
  • New Psycle
  • Spring Equinox
  • Indigo
  • Evolution Subsonic

The preferred music style in your country:

Hard to answer with so many difference varities of trance getting played these days but i would say the progressive/Offbeat sound
is really taking off over here at the moment

Party times:

Parties usually start in the afternoon round 2pm & go through till 5-6pm the follow day. Some of the major festivals can go for 4-5 days.

Afterparty culture.

Most major festivals such as Rainbow serpent, Maitreya & Earth freq always have after parties in the major city that the festival is close too.
Melbourne, Brisbane etc & their is always plenty of info.


Small festivals start from $60-80 large ones start from $200-250 depending if you buy early bird tickets or not.
Most major festivals don’t sell beer its normally BYO & most have a no glass policy so remember to buy can beer.
Water $2 & always usually a wide range of food stalls with meals starting from $7

Drug screening:

Always usually setup after most parties & test for Cannabis Ecstasy & Meth/Speed & of course Alcohol.
Best thing to do is just wait it out & leave the party late & most parties normally have info on what roads they are setup on etc.



Happy Herbs Company
Happy Herbs is a unique and dynamic company in Uki, NSW, Australia, that believes in an ethical approach to business. Today they run 9 shops in Australia and the USA. Ray Thorpe, the founder, believes in a ‘not-only-for-profit’ spirit, where 10% of the company’s turnover is dedicated to health-based community projects, activism for plant freedom and drug law reform, and herbal education.

Funny Stuff:


Australia has 16 world heritage listed sites including historic townships, cities and landscapes.

About the Author:




Byron Bay Area

About You:

Kamos Aka Alex Brine started Djing in 2003-2004 mixing house music & hip hop playing at school parties & socials after listening to his first psytrance album Infected Mushroom B.P Empire kamos was infected by the psybug & after being influenced & inspired by his older brother Kurt(Kismet/Dreamweaver) he began mixing psytrance after much schooling from his brother on how to beatmatch kamos started playing at doofs around the nnsw area in 06-07. With alot of help from Terry aka Manarchy who was putting on monthly full moon doofs & giving young upcoming Dj’s a go Kamos started to make a name for himself known for his tight mixing & to get the dancefloor jumpin & pumpin with a few big doofs credited to his name including showdowns 1 & 2 , Australia day doof & recently mardi grass doof 2009 having also played at alot of the pubs & clubs in the area in 08-09 with help from Brendan (Cenobite) who was putting on monthly psynights kamos also won a Dj comp at the one nightclub in Lismore in 2008 & also a finalist in the lennox head sounds of summer Dj Comp 2011. His sets are influenced by artists from record labels like Hommega, Spun, Utopia, Fineplay, Nano & many more, with rockin funky bassline uplifting melodies & vocals always looking to rock any dancefloor in the area. Kamos’s Bpm levels have mellowed in his old age he is now mixing progressive trance sets as well mostly influenced by Spin Twist & Blue tunes Records.

Your favorite Psytrance music ?

Progressive Trance

Your Role

Been a DJ on the North coast of NSW for nearly 10 years.


Your Facebook Page:

Alex Kamos Brine on facebook

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