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The Brazilian scene was once the biggest trance scene in the world, it has a large number of parties and festival from north to south all over the year. famous by its biggest festival at the beaches of Bahia, but way more than that, this country has a lot of parties of all kinds psytrance stiles variations from off-beat to dark to offer and change a lot in the last few years after house music became the new trend, taking a large number of people from the trance scene, seams like after all the brazilians were not so trance freaks, but party freaks.

But even loosing big producers and DJs to the house music like Gabe (Wrecked Machines and Dj Marcelo VOR) the scene survive and start to grow again, new artists, new party crews are starting and many festivals are getting better and better, starting by Universo Paralelo the legendary festival at the beaches of Bahia state, last edition was by far the most well produced, Vagalume crew nail it big time. In April we had the Mundo de oz festival in São Paulo, beside a beautiful waterfall, with a real good production and many international names, the festival was very successful also breaking they record of party freaks, was the biggest edition so far. In September was the time for the classic Samsara festival in Uberlandia city, Minas Gerais state, the dance floor is in the middle of huge trees and they brought a international deco crew Looney moon from Italy witch made a big difference on terms of what we had going on usually here, the line up was amazing with a lot of international and national talented artists.

In October was the Revolution festival turn, down south at Lages city, Santa Catarina State, this is another festival that grows each year and improve it’s quality, beautiful locations around the hills beside a lake, it’s a meeting place for many deco crews and artists collectives witch make this festival one of the most cultural, also a good chance to go down south brazil for a completely different picture of the country culturally and geographically. The parties are happening constantly all over the year by all over the country now only outside but also in clubs, recently in Curitiba, we had TribalTech party, with 11 stages and more than 20 000 people, the production brought the Vuuv festival crew from Germany and art scape deco from South Africa to produce the Psy trance stage, art scape is same deco from Boom festival, was like a festival inside a party, high quality stage with a quadraphonic sound system never seem here b4, the trance stage was organized by Dm7 bookings, a new artist agency in Brazil.


Main Artist:

Dj Element
3lmt on facebook

More artists:

Burn in noise, Altruism, Minimal Criminal, Twelve Sessions, Mental broadcast (me), Capital Monkey, Vegas, Technology, Diksha, Shekina, Space vision, Magma Ohm, 2012, Labyrinth, Disfunction, Earthspace, Mental Control, Dj Digoa, Dj Swarup,


The most important Psytrance related label:

Mosaico Records

More labels:

Vagalume Recs
Not much pro labels going on here lately besides those I mention.


The most important Party/Festival:

Universo Paralelo

More parties:

  • Curitiba Tribal Tech
  • Curitiba Liquid sky
  • Recife Tribe
  • São PauloPsytronic
  • Porto AlegreUnion
  • Chapeco Experience
  • São PauloMegnatronic
  • Florianopolis Natural Forest
  • Timbo

Deco artist:

Name the most creative deco artist:

Deco by Belen

The preferred music style in your country:


Party times:

Most parties start at midnight and goes till 16 o’clock

Afterparty culture:

It is more strong on locations that don’t aloud the parties to go till late, otherwise no time for after as the parties goes till Sunday night.


Starts with early birds, around 10 us but can go up to 70 us at the door.

Drug screening:

No control at all, the police once on a while go at illegal parties, but it’s getting really hard to do it in the last few years,
so all parties have a license now, otherwise they not even start.

Points of interest:

Do to rio and visit the Christ

Best places for activities:

Rio and Bahia state are the most international visited places, bit all over the country is really amazing equally.

Best places to stay:

Lots of cheap posadas, it’s a matter of taste.

Best places to eat:

Churrascaria to meat eaters is the best so far, but also great salads for vegetarians.

Funny Stuff:


The scene is really mixed, we find regular people at parties all together, not only dreadlocks but all sorts of people mix and dance as one.

About the Author:


Roma Dias aka Mental Broadcast


Praia do rosa

About You:


Roma Dias was born in Brazil in 75 and went to live in U.K in 2001, he start his psychedelic life on London at the underground “acid techno” squat parties in the UK.
Soon in 2003 after 2 years parting start to play was just natural to him. In 2005 Roma comeback to Brazil and Very quickly he became none by his powerful sets and proper mixes and join the legendary ALCHEMY RECS. In 2006 Roma Start to experiment at his home studio and create what is now MENTAL BROADCAST.

Mental Broadcast are serious Psychedelic music with fat bass lines, groovy beats, cutting edge breaks, surprising buildups produced in collaboration with various artists like , Materia, Tron, Etic, Sonic Species to name a few. In 2008 Roma join the 24/seven crew, based on Austria and release one e.p called “Transmission”, after in 2010 a compilation called “Mental Box” and finally a album called “Signals” in 2011. Mental Broadcast play at the major parties and festivals around the globe alongside the major names of E music, like Tiesto and Fat boy slim. BOOM FESTIVAL and UTOPIA FESTIVAL in Portugal, UNIVERSO PARALELO FESTIVAL and PLANETA ATLANTIDA FESTIVAL In Brazil, RAINBOW SERPENT FESTIVAL and MAITREYA FESTIVAL in Australia, EXPERIENCE FESTIVAL and HALFMOON FESTIVAL in Thailand, VUUV FESTIVAL in Germany to name a few.

Your favorite Psytrance music ?


Your Role

Music producer and Dj


Your Facebook Page:

Mental Broadcast on facebook

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