When did you start ?
The Full Spiral Designs label was launched in Aprconcept ?
I draw upon natural, spiritual and archetypal forms combined with a playful application of color and shape to create jewelry that is both emotionally significant and boldly stylish.  The jewelry explores the interplay between the natural and manmade through creative expression of shapes, colors, textures and materials.  Ultimately, it’s a celebration of adornment – of making ourselves into living works of art, sharing out sense of joy and wonder and appreciation of the universe.

With which materials do you produce your jewelry ?
I use 100% recycled copper and sterling silver, which is milled from scrap metal from industry.  I work mostly with wire, from very thick to very thin.  I also use all kinds of natural gemstones because I love playing with color.  I sometimes incorporate other materials – whatever strikes my fancy!

What inspires you ?
Mother Nature, first and foremost.  She never ceases to amaze me with her designs and color schemes.   I like to draw upon her sense of balance, as well as her ability to surprise you with an unusual burst of color or strange shape in an unexpected place.  I’m also inspired by my dreams, and by the fantastic works that other artists are creating out there.

Where people or shops can buy your clothes ?
I have an online shop – fullspiraldesigns.com – so anyone anywhere in the world can buy my jewelry.  I welcome custom orders, and am also happy to talk wholesale if you’ve got a groovy shop.  A selection of my pieces will be available at The Pixie Collective, a shop which is still in the planning stages here in Melbourne, Australia.

Do you have a stall at festivals ? If yes where ?
My pieces are available at The Pixie Collective stall at various festivals in Australia.


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