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Global Sect is a communication channel that will broadcast various creative and philosophical concepts, expressed through various works of art. We are interested not only in great music, but also in visual art, organization of conceptual activities and even science.

The overall meaning of the message is in the unity of people and the contemplation of beauty in its various forms.

Particular attention will be paid to communication with the audience and various artistic communities; we are absolutely open to any forms of cooperation and ready to hear any opinions and ideas.

Global Sect is a music label from Russia, which also creates and sells psychedelic merchandise such as UV backdrops and T-Shirts.

In collaboration with the artists, we offer uniquely designed backdrops printed on a quality synthetic material. Sublimation technology print (without pixels) is 100% UV active and contains vibrant fluorescent colors that mesmerize.

It is a perfect decoration for trance party or house, and with blacklight, it gives crazy psychedelic experience 😉

Backdrops are available in different sizes, up to 1.5 x 2.5 m!

Ship worldwide!

Check out our shop 😉

Love and light

4 days ago

Global Sect Music

We're starting 2019 with the full-power release of Goa trance music by Alla Vagner - "Maiia303 - Levels Of Imagination"! Prepare yourself to the unforgettable psychedelic journey through other dimentions! Listen & Download: Tracklist: 01. Long Awaited Journey 02. Levels Of Imagination 03. Goasana (Album Mix) 04. Beyond Borders Of Mind 05. Temple Of Sound 06. Calling The Tribe 07. Explorer Of The Fantasy Worlds 08. Connection With The Great Spirit 09. Sun Of Anjuna 10. Electric Particles (Album Mix) Release info: Mystic Sound Records proudly unveils a “Levels Of Imagination” to its devoted listeners – a new album by Maiia303 and the label’s one step further immersion into Goa-trance domain. It comes as a rejuvenation motion towards classic Goa-trance via modern approach to musical production, manifesting itself as a bright flashback to the roots of ole-loved psytrance culture that had once expanded worldwide in a rolling wave of new-age glory. Delightfully relished with deep and dynamic flow of arpeggio tricks and juicy sound of classic synthesisers like famed Roland 303, the album won’t leave anyone unmoved. So let the music bestow you the “Levels Of Imagination”. Let it awaken energies and instinctive knowledge hidden deeply inside and partly forgotten, but still living in every soul. Let it show you the stunning and beautiful alchemy of altered mindscaping, coming to life through ecstatic trance dance. Written & produced by Alla Vagner Mastering: Cover art: Elena Ukolova #psytrance #psy #goa #goatrance #psychedelic #psy #trance #mysticsound #mysticsoundrecords ... See MoreSee Less


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Very good goa trance stuff!

6 days ago

Global Sect Music

Fresh psychedelic artifacts in Global Sect Shop:
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