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Greece: More Reasons to turn to Psytrance Music

From the psychedelic ‘90’s to today, Greece has never lost its touch with the international dance floor, moving rhythmically to the sounds of its favorite bpm! It’s been 22 years since the first Greek party (1994 – Alepochori – special […]

Aggelos Mavros Interview Psychedelic Circus

Aggelos Mavros Interview

Aggelos Mavros, (Open Source), founder of Ghost Label Records is ready to release his new album, that’s filled with great melodies, and smooth psychedelic beats. In this interview he gives us his frank opinions on the scene. Aggelos Mavros – […]

Psychedelic Trance scene in Greece. Live your Myth in Greece!

Greece has always been one of the top destinations for the Summer, but let’s see what’s happening with the Trance scene.

Psytrance scene in Greece

Since 1991–92, Psytrance has always been around. The golden years were those of the Samothraki Dance Festival, from 2001–2003, when over 30.000 people, from 80+ nationalities gathered on Samothraki island and left a mark in the ­global psychedelic community. After […]

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