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From the psychedelic ‘90’s to today, Greece has never lost its touch with the international dance floor, moving rhythmically to the sounds of its favorite bpm!

greece trancers guide DRAGON DANCEFLOORIt’s been 22 years since the first Greek party (1994 – Alepochori – special Guest: dj Andre TIP – Liquid Love productions), about 12 since the epic trilogy of Samothraki Dance Festival and the hearts of Greek psychedelic ravers keep on beating loudly and steadily in the country where the most prestigious DJs around the world have mixed and most psy projects have made an appearance. It’s worth mentioning that during the mid-90’s, acts like Etnica, Pleiadians and Joti played so often they were considered residents instead of guests, while Paros and Antiparos islands almost literally “Sank” by party-goer`s every single Summer. Nowadays, Greece has more reason than ever to turn to music; it’s an escape, a companion and it adds a much needed color to our everyday reality- whatever is left of it anyway. Some people call this “economic crisis”. The city is dancing, people are feeling and seizing the day, trying to experience as many beautiful moments as they can. Don’t just wait around for perfect timing; find a time and make it perfect yourself. Only music can let you do that. And you know it.

Greece Party People

Not one week goes by without a party, both in Athens and Thessaloniki. The society or urban elves gathers quite differently now that the previous acid generation of the ‘90s (since music and the world also changes with geometric progress) but it still remains a significant piece of the Greek rave scene.
Nevertheless, there are huge parties being held every single weekend with strong line ups, which always include at least two international guests of high status. The fact that DJs-local heroes of each Greek city are particularly popular amongst the Greek crew is also quite encouraging. DJs and producers from Greece take part in parties and open air festivals around the world.


There will be three festivals that will take place in Greece this year, one in Evoia (Central Greece), one also in Central Greece and another in a beach location in North Greece.

free earth 2014 greece trancers guide

  • Musicology Festival (North Evoia, Vasilika) will take place from 29 July to 1 August.
  • Free Earth Festival ( 25 – 29 Αugust) will take place in North Greece (beach location) and it’s the first collaboration between Athens and Thessaloniki for a festival.
  • F.S.I. Dance+Concert ~ Music & Eco Festival (Central Greece), will take place from
    19 August to 22 August, with “proggy” line up. More infos soon @ social media.


musicology greece trancers guide When it comes to cyber radio reality, Dice radio is responsible for plenty of live shows, with worldwide exclusive context and interviews with personalities such as: Eatstatic, Atmos, Master Blasters, Maurizio Begotti, Juan Verdera, Hi Profile, Audioform, Illegal Machines, Sofia X, Yara, Psykia and many others. You can find excellent “chill” music at Radio Q37 while you can tune it to Dragonfly radio, Tribalismo radioand Life 892
for more “dance” beats.
written by Argy Echosense

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