High Droid

One of the many pleasurable side-effects of smoking the green is the series of “aha” or “eureka” moments that you get…you know when you have this brilliant idea that could change the world if you just got off your ass.

This app allows you to share your amaze-balls thoughts to the rest of the stoner world, and you can also read their contributions. A fun way to pass time…

Available at Google Play on Android

Festival Buddy

Wasting a whole load of time getting lost at the festival is an inevitable part of the experience, even if you’ve carefully memorized landmarks to help you back to the campsite you’re bound to fuck up when you’re in that heady frame of mind. Sooo festival-addicts get this app now: it helps you place geo-tags on various locations around the festival grounds…and then it will direct you back to where you wish to get. Welcome.
Available at Google Play on Android

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