The damiana shrub can found in many places in Mexico, where it is well-known for its aphrodisiac effect, it also increases skin sensitivity. Together with the stimulating Muira Puama plant it is responsible for the sensual character of Venuswave. This herbal kick from Sensatonics is produced organically. It also includes the activating properties of cola nut and guarana which makes it the perfect mixture for a charming party experience or intimate togetherness. Served in form of the cocktail Venus Colada, the sensual experience is even extended by a delicious exotic taste.



0,3 l Glass,
3 cl Venuswave
2 cl Coconut Syrup
2 cl Cream
Filler: half Pineapple juice and half Cherry juice, 5-6 Icecubes

1. Fill Ice cubes, Venuswave, coconut syrup and cream into the glass
2. Shake or stir
3. Fill with half Cherry & half Pineapple Juice
4. Decoration: 1 Physalis.

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