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My name is Hugo, I am from S. Miguel – Azores (Portugal), I was treated by Huguim as a child and that is the origin of my artistic name. 

From an early age I always liked drawing, scribbling the school notebooks, and then I started to study art. Nowadays I make decorations for parties and I make my sketches. I just do as free time.

When I discovered the electronic music Psytrance I also evolved a different style of drawing / painting although not yet widely publicized.

In 2012 I receive an invitation to decorate a party, and since then I have been exposing my works as to decorate some party that is happening on the island.

My artistic style is based mostly on a mixture of geometric shapes forming patterns that can be visualized in different ways as from different points of view, making each person have their own interpretation. I also have some textile work, where I designate my own hoodies and paint some t-shirts.

I hope with this to make known and share my work in the outside world in order to be able to evolve and have new knowledge.

You can see my work through Facebook (Huguim) and Instagram (huguim_o0o_)

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share it.


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