Mr. Pink

Mr. Pink
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Everybody at the big festivals knows Mr. Pink. He is half naked and painted in pink and jumps out the crowd as if he emerged from another dimension. Tens of thousands of festival people have seen him – from Boom, Ozora to Burning Man.Who is the guy behind the body color?

Your real name is Jovis and you are from the United States. How did you grow up to become what you are now?

Pink for Mushroom
Pink for Mushroom
I always loved art and I was always a bit of an actor. At 29 I went to India and that just speeded up the process of self discovery through art.

Why did you chose the color pink? Does it has a a symbolic character for you?

Pink is very high visibility. It’s also easier to carry one paint. For me pink represents love, and specifically self love.

When you are Mr. Pink what kind of performances do you do?

My performances are very interactive. Actually without someone to mirror there is no performance. I’m merely a puppet, people show me what to do.

What was the funniest experience you had when performing as Mr. Pink?

My god, there have been literally hundreds! They all are so unique and precious, it would be really hard for me to say which one was the funniest.

What does psytrance mean to you as a producer, artist and DJ?

Liberation from the constraints of the ego thru dancing to high energy psychedelic music. I like funky psychedelia

Got any weird future plans for next year?

Absolutely! I’ll be releasing an EP of my Psytrance music in the beginning of the year. Also I’ll be launching a Mr Pink Youtube channel.

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More about Mr. Pink you can find on the Mr. Pink Facebook page.

7 days ago

Mr. Pink

Having a Hoot at BoomTown Festival this summer. Video by DWD Studios ... See MoreSee Less

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Hope yo see you in ozora this year !!

Je connais mister pink très grand dj et performance théâtrale 😁

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I want to take Karma Rae Land to her first-ever❤

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Patrick Reiner Kunz

Christian Rätsch

1 week ago

Mr. Pink

Here is a view rarely seen in the annals of Pink. The entry from the calm world of backstage to the general mayhem of the dancefloor. You gotta love it! ... See MoreSee Less

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Party of the life !

Where is it? What a sad deco..

Why so cute Pink? 🌷💕

Que marcha é essa meu querido

Who needs psychedelics with you wondering around ✌🏼💕🎼

1 month ago

Mr. Pink

Rocking to Ace Ventura at ozora in 2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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