Boom Festival 2020 – Portugal – 28.07.2020


28.07.2020 - 04.08.2020

Boom Festival

Idanha-a-Nova lake

Boom Festival is a state of mind. Inspired by the principles of Oneness, Peace, Creativity, Sustainability, Transcendence, Alternative Culture...

Boom Festival

Boom Festival is stepping into the potential of what human existence can be. It is a week of love, sharing, alternative culture, music and conscious living with people from all over the world… literally.

For first-time Boomers, the experience means stepping into another dimension, calling “home” a formerly unknown land, embracing a new family. Regular Boomers will tell you how this gathering changed their life, the joy they feel at every edition, knowing that they are coming back to something that holds a whole community together – shared values, shared ideals, shared ambitions for the future.

We live in uncertain and anxious times, we’re all looking for answers. More than ever in the recent history of mankind is important that we stay connected, understanding the other. There is a lot of light and wisdom in the world!

And Boom Festival goes way beyond a mere festival. It is a state of mind. It connects thousands of contrasting cultures and living beings, giving them a time and a place where they have the freedom to, not only hope about a more peaceful and united world, but also to actually do something to achieve it.

A true cultural melting pot, the gathering of the tribes where we embody and steer the tip of the arrow of evolution of human consciousness in a collective celebration that forwards us to a higher dimension of love, well-being and of simply being human.

See you at the Boomland!

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Mehr über Boom Festival

Dear Boomers,

Here in the Iberian Peninsula, we say goodbye to autumn and prepare for winter as life at Boomland returns to its natural pace...

It’s been three full moons since our collective celebration of Boom’s 12th edition. So as we close that chapter, we open another with the announcement of some spine-tingling news...

On the auspice of today’s full moon, we are super excited to announce that the 13th edition of Boom Festival will take place from 28 July until 4 August 2020 - so that’s 21 full moons away from now!

Stay in the loop with upcoming announcements and developments by subscribing to our newsletter, or synching with our communication platforms, which we’ll be updating throughout the year.

For now, the multiverse that is Boom has gone into hibernation as it channels in the vision for the upcoming edition.

Stay inspired for the meantime by plugging into the “Boom Festival 20 Years” official documentary at or check out the book, “Boom Festival 20 Years: A Visual and Oral History” at - two pieces we’ve put together to mark the festival’s 20 year anniversary.

Thank you for being you - let’s keep on Booming!

Cultivate Freedom & Love
Boom Team
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Video Log 2020

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Today’s #EcoTuesday is dedicated to celebrating World Toilet Day, as a means to raise awareness towards this basic yet essential element of our everyday lives.

As a large-scale festival, finding solutions to safe, clean and sustainable sanitation has been a long-time goal. In 2006 we implemented for the first time ever a dry composting toilet model, which has since then evolved into a highly sophisticated technology that is able to answer our most pressing human and environmental needs.

Did you know that an average toilet flush wastes up to 60 liters of water per day? Compost toilets, on the other hand, function without using a single drop. We estimate that in 2018, the 378 toilets present onsite helped save 19 million liters of water.

And there’s more to it. They are chemical-free, odorless, and the resulting compost can be used to create healthy soil. As explained in a previous post, we’re currently collecting the compost from the 2018 tanks, analysing samples and laying the groundwork for returning this organic fertiliser back in the earth.

Visit to get further insights on how to properly use compost toilets.

Thank you Boomers for being part of this process.

#BoomFestival #WorldToiletDay #BoomFestival2018 #Anthropocene #CompostToilets
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One of my favorite parts about boom. Super appreciative of these toilets.

....and there is wlan on the toilets....i love it.😊😊😊😊♥️♥️♥️♥️

Everything nice except the fly in toilets 🦟🦟🦟

1. Is there any Knowlegde about if medicine in the human waste can enter the foodchain again? 2. The pattern of the OSB inside of some toilets are really hard stuff trippin ;)

1 of the best things ever that happened to Boom Festival 💪

Please. Please. help. i need to buy two tickets. 2020 boom

Adrien Gausseran "Omg that's a lot of toilet paper. Big shit isn't it?"


Boom always on top...

Tou a procura de bilhetes como faço para mim inscrever no site para poder retirar os desistentes

Logo vou visitar esse banheiros hahaha

Marc Antoine Mondolot 😘

Marouane Tamim Kika Paprika Rico Matr Le temps passe mais les souvenirs restent.

Johnny Gilmore Dan Ryan entering the spaceshit

#FlashbackFriday: "It's a celebration of intuition since communication changes along these few days and in the end there is no more need for words. And we are born again into a reality of being in constant universal Trance."

- Quote from the Boom Festival 2000#boomfestivalo#boomfestival2000s#Boomland #Boomland
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#FlashbackFriday: Its a celebration of intuition since communication changes along these few days and in the end there is no more need for words. And we are born again into a reality of being in constant universal Trance.

- Quote from the Boom Festival 2000 website

#BoomFestival #BoomFestival2000 #Boomland

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Svjata Vatra would love to rock at BF at 2020 .

Trust in Trance

I need 2 tickets !!! 😭😭😭❗️❗️

Full power 🙏

I reborn again in boom 2014 ❤

Looks like an episode of The Walking Dead

Boom ❤

Boomland News: Take a look at some of the 70 trees we have in our vegetable garden, ready to be planted back into the earth. They pertain to three different species - Acer pseudoplatanus, Betula celtiberica and Populus nigra - which were chosen for their ability to adapt to the local climate.

Repopulating the land with trees is a great way of replenishing degraded ecossystems, increasing biodiversity, combating soil erosion, and capturing pollutants from the atmosphere. Other benefits include providing shade and a home to the land’s inhabitants - both humans and animals - as well as embellishing the landscape.

Planting a tree is a simple yet highly significant action towards regeneration. The Boomland Reforestation program keeps on thriving thanks to festival ticket revenues, so thank you for contributing to a regenerative Anthropocene. 🌳

#BoomFestival #Boomland #Boom2020Anthropocene #BoomlandReforestation #Reforestation #Regeneration #Permaculture
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Wish a day will come that i see cannabis plants all around the boomland and a shop which sell the local harvest that been fed of our compost. 🙂

A Fig-Tree would by super lovely <3

Would Rainbow Eucalyptus grow there? Staggeringly beautiful trees.

Seems great but why only 70? you have 40000 guests every two years, why not 2000 trees or 10000?

Thank you

Hope you are using our pooh as fertiliser 🤪🤪 see yasoon

They will probably get more hugs than the avarage tree elsewhere 😍

They shou3 be more green in Boom, is to dry, dusty and hot there...

Lindo!A cena é que não vou lá estar

Eucalyptus deglupta

Vocês são enormes ❤


70?? :-?

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