Psychedelic Circus Open Air Festival

19288 Göhlen

A circus is filled with fun, laughter, amusement and joy.

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Psychedelic Circus Festival erst wieder 2022

Corona hat uns noch immer fest im Griff, weshalb wir uns angesichts der derzeitigen Infektionslage und Entwicklungen gezwungen sehen, unser Psychedelic Circus Festival 2021 um ein Jahr zu verschieben. Vom 19. bis 23.05.2022 könnt ihr dann wieder mit uns eine magische Reise durch die Welt der Goa-Sounds antreten.

Eure Tickets bleiben für den neuen Termin gültig. Damit unterstützt ihr uns nicht nur in dieser schwierigen Zeit, sondern müsst euch auch nicht um neue Tickets kümmern. Ihr könnt dadurch zum gleichbleibenden Preis feiern und braucht euch keine Sorgen zu machen, neue Tickets zu einem höheren Preis kaufen zu müssen.

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Ihr habt bis einschließlich 26.05.2021 Zeit, um eine Umwandlung in einen Gutschein oder eine Erstattung über das Tool anzufragen. Nachdem die Deadline abgelaufen ist, werden die Gutscheine an euch verschickt und die Erstattungen gesammelt ausgeführt. Das Geld wird innerhalb von 4 Wochen auf dem bei der Bestellung von euch verwendeten Zahlungsmittel gutgeschrieben.

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Nach wie vor stehen wir aber in den Startlöchern, um das Indian Spirit Festival vom 26.-30. August 2021 in Eldena stattfinden zu lassen. Wir hoffen sehr, dass wir uns wenigstens dort wiedersehen und endlich wieder die Seele aus dem Leib tanzen können. Bis dahin passt auf euch und andere auf und bleibt gesund!

Psychedelic Circus Festival again in 2022

Corona is still in control of us, which is why we are forced to postpone our Psychedelic Circus Festival 2021 by one year due to the current infection situation and developments. From 19th to 23rd May 2022, you can take a magical journey through the world of Goa sounds with us.

Your tickets will remain valid for the new date. Not only do you support us in these difficult times, but you also don’t have to worry about new tickets. You can party at the same price and don’t have to worry about buying new tickets at a higher price.

If you don’t have time at the new date, you can convert your tickets into a voucher or request a refund. Both the voucher solution and the refund option run through your respective ticket provider. Please pay attention to who your ticket provider is and which information below applies to you accordingly.

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You have time until 26.05.2021 to request a conversion into a voucher or a refund via the tool. After the deadline has expired, the vouchers will be sent to you and the refunds collected. The money will be credited within 4 weeks to the payment method used by you when ordering.

For Festicket customers:

Also as Festicket customer you have the option to either keep your ticket for the new date or convert it into a voucher. Alternatively, a refund is possible. The voucher redemption and refund form will be sent to you shortly by email from Festicket. This mail also lists your options. Please note that you must have applied for your voucher or refund by 26.05.2021.

However, we are still ready to host the Indian Spirit Festival in Eldena from 26th to 30th August 2021. We hope very much that we will at least see each other again there and finally be able to dance our souls out of our body. Until then, take care of yourself and others and stay healthy!

Aktuelle Information von der Psychedelic Circus Open Air Festival Website.

The Festival on the map

20 years Psychedelic Circus Festival (2019)


Artists and international guests celebrate this unique event with a laser show, lights, sounds and circus art.
More than 7000 guests are expected.

The Psychedelic Circus Festival celebrates its 20th birthday: Prick up your ears! Open your eyes! This is not just bringing artists like Neelix, Astrix, Ace Ventura, Tristan, Avalon, Bliss, Undercover, GMS, Ranji, Phaxe or Claudinho Brasil on stage. Matching the usual rhythmic progressive and psychedelic sounds, the laser show of the Laser Beam Factory and the video mapping of Deltaprocess will also invite you to bathe in colours and sounds. Moreover, the guests can look forward to surprises from the decoration team of Mae and Moa. In addition, more than 50 artists and jugglers will spread the magic of psychedelic circus atmosphere on the festival grounds.

Already for the third time, the Psychedelic Circus Festival will set up its tents near Göhlen/Ludwigslust, surrounded by trees and forest – ready to welcome guests from all over the world. The organizers have noticed, that the event has been becoming more international for years. The number of guests is also rising steadily. This year, the team hopes to break the visitor record again with 7000 guests. A new date in the festival calendar can bring new luck: Due to correlations with other events and a tight calendar of the organizer Music Eggert, the Psychedelic Circus Festival 2019 opens its gates earlier than usual, in the middle of May for a colourful freaky togetherness.

Psychedelic Circus 2018 – Review

The Psychedelic Circus Open Air Festival blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction in its dream world of music and circus.

Also this year the psychedelic travelling circus was a guest again in Göhlen/Ludwigslust on the seasoned grounds. In best weather from 31.5. to 4.6.18 Psytrance fans from all over the world celebrated peacefully as usual on 5 days and 4 nights on both stages Arena and Manege to the finest music.

The decoration of Mae and Moe in the Open Air Arena was breathtakingly beautiful and together with the mapping, the laser show and the fire artists, placed on the two extra stages, offered a wonderful feast for the eyes and a perfect setting for the best music acts of the scene.

The circus ring, which has become a trademark, was considerably upgraded this year, the stage in the form of a clown face was mapped spectacularly and there was also a great laser show.
As every year, a colourful shop mile with a wide assortment invited you to inform yourself about the latest trends for the coming summer and to make one or two bargains. Chai and more as always tasty and inviting and also body and soul was provided for with yoga / meditation offers. In short, at the entrance, with the ribbon you received an all-round carefree package for 5 days.

Summary: The Circus project has become even more colourful, the line-up can hardly be topped anymore and so the date Psychedelic Circus 2019 should be entered in your calendar.
On 9.5.2019 it’s curtain up again, ring free 🙂

Psychedelic Circus Festival 2015


The Psychedelic Circus Festival will open its gates to all the beautiful trancers from the 4th of June to the 8th of June, 2015. The festival is located in the scenic locale of Glaisin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

Last year’s Line-Up features blazing international and local artists, who tore up the dance floors with their killer sets. Check out the Line-Up which is available below. There’s a number of stages where you can pound your feet to the sexy beats belted out. The Arena Floor, will host the fast-paced tracks, this is where the main show is at. The Manege Floor, will feature the dark side of psy, and  the Golden Children Chill out, is where you head, to calm down and lounge about.

The DECO teams are sure to be as psychedelic as hell. Besides this, you will get loads of amusement from talented jugglers, dancers, art-installations and other superb entertainers.

You better hurry and get the tickets, cause the sales are already in Phase 2: Buy here

Go to this link for more information:

Visit their website:

Line Up:


BLISS I Nutek Records I Israel

PHAXE I Iboga Records I Denmark

ROGER RABBITT I Iono Music I Israel

MORTEN GRANAU | 432 Records | Denmark

BUBBLE | Mushy Records | Israel

STATIC MOVEMENT | Iboga Records | Israel


more TBA

MANEGE Floor ( psy / dark )

PARANDROID | Freak Records | Germany

…..For complete line-up and deco info visit here:

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