The name Ismir should ring a bell for one or the other who knows the German Psytrance scene, after all he has been active as an artist since 2011 and has played several live performances.

Give us a short overview about your Biography

Only 16 years ago with the alias “ISMIR” I had my first contact to Psychedelic Trance.
In 2011 my DJ project “Ismir” was drilled which with well over 300 gigz and over 800h played set´s will be well known to some.
2013 I released my live project named “Pattern Protect & Strange Feelings” and some other releases on labels like Savva Rec / Infinit Tunes / Xonica Rec.
In 2018 I founded my own label “LAV-Records” and released the first studio album named “The Album”, which was released early this year. It shows a very broad spectrum of very hard to describe sound´s characteristic baselines, with minimalistic hypnotic grooves paired with tranicigen leads, my sound I would declare as unmistakably stubborn.

Your life-story and relationship with your work

Tell us a little about you and your work

I just do what I love and feel all the time. After I woke up I have a breakfast go a walk with my dog and then starting jamming around, sometimes it fits and I get lost for hours sometimes I quit after 30 min and start making the garden or doing the wood for heat and cooking.

Currently what projects are you working on? And what future plans have you chalked out for yourself?

After I choose for my own label, now is important just focus on the Ismir project, the label will not be for other projects, but just to share my own music. After the big success of my debut album I don’t want to stress myself, I just keep working if and when there will come up an EP or the next album I can’t tell you, I just let it go.

What influenced you to get into your field?

First of all the nature next to me and when I am traveling and I love a lot to go into the forest, climb some hills and collecting fruits from the surface. I live directly next to a lake in the middle of a beautiful forest which gave me a lot of nice mushrooms to eat and fruits to prepare some juice. Next to that I get inspired by other artist like Ryanosaurus, Perfekt Stranger, Captain Hook, Freedom Fighters and the legendary Loud.

As an artist, what role do you think you play in society?

I am just a part of it like all of us, I am not special or better than anybody else.

You obviously love what you do…but what do you love the most about your work?

At last I love the freedom to have my own choice if I need work 5 or 10h a day, I love to travel and meet nice people and have beautiful conservations. The whole scene changed my life that much, what I am really thankful for.

Creating on a regular basis can be a bloody tough job, so what motivates you to press yourself into the workstation every single day?

I just follow my heart if I have the right feeling to do music and don’t stop for hours and hours, if it doesn’t work I keep my focus on marketing or other things what are important, it may help that I had always my own business. I start on making my own business at the 18. So I am used to it.

Who or what inspires you to achieve the best results?

As an artist you will never be satisfied. So you just need to finish any time. That’s it. There will be always things you want to change and they are not good enough.

Everybody has to start somewhere, usually at the bottom of the ladder, either as the bus-boy or the shoe-shiner. What was the very first job you had?

A friend invited me to play at a private b-day party in Berlin. That was my first official “job” by the way I was eating a lot of mud to become what I am now. Its a hard way. But it getting better and better every time. So just keep going guys!

What is your second love? What’s the alternative career path you would have travelled if you were not on the one you are right now?

I love family and kids and to bring something good to the society so I think if that would not work with the music anymore – what I not expect – I would go for teaching kids.

Party & Music experiences

What was your funniest party experience?

There is not only one there is a lot. Last week I have been to the “One love in Swiss” for the 3th time and its always amazing. The alps and the good vibes I just love it.

What was your best set you have ever played and why?

I think the best set I played was a 8h set at Rummelsburg Berlin, I was fresh showered, had fresh clothes on and I played 8h like fucking hell, there was like 150 people what going crazy like fucking hell. I just love to play long sets like 4-5 hours or even longer, and I think the crowd in Berlin is super open minded. I love it.

What makes a (Psytrance) track great for you?

Just don’t copy! That’s it – be yourself!

Your best release(s) – and why…

THE ALBUM – cause I did everything by myself without any label, without any big platforms and without supporting fucking big shitty companies.

Why this is your best set?

I didnt recorded the “best set” cause it is always just the moment what I want to share with the people that have been there. I don’t like to record sets anymore. I think if the people want to see me again they should join the party.

Which track(s) of your collegues you would recommend?

Sub 6 and Freedom Fighters – detuned

Ryanosauros and Freedom Fighters – 5 million peaces

And for sure the legendary Ticon – 1987, everytime when I have the feeling, wow I played a really fucking good set that is my last track.<3

Why do you like this set so much?

I don’t have any set which I like most.

What music do you listen to besides Psytrance – and why?

All kind of music, I love to listen to the radio sometimes, I also love listen to the 80´s I am pretty open minded, there is no bad music, just music you don’t like.

Share your experiences and your characteristics/personality

Yeah, no one’s perfect, but there’s always something we really like about ourselves…what quality do you like about yourself the most?

My selfconfidence

Sometimes life can be quite a – insert word that rhymes with witch. Which phase was the hardest/scariest in your life?

I sold financal products, after I changed my mind I think that was to most scary part of my life.

Any embarrassing moments? Yes, you’d hate to disclose your secrets but we’d love to hear.

My first time I visit Israel my english was pretty bad, i spook just 3 words… yes, no, cigarette but in the end it was like superfunny.

Everybody’s got favourites…so what’s your favourite work/piece among everything that you’ve designed/produced/dj-ed/created? (Link us up!)

I really love Pattern Protect and Digital Squeredance.

When have you been most satisfied in your life? Care to share one of your happiest memories?

When I realized I could live from music. It’s a pretty good feeling to get what you deserve if you work hard for it.

Habits die hard. Which one word always creeps in your speech?

Older but its typical for northern Germany so I like.

Knock, knock, we want to hear a good joke.

I am not good in telling jokes, sorry.

There’s a book on the shelf. It’s your autobiography. What does the title say?

The lion will be the king of the Savannah.

Flash-forward in time. You are now really old. What would you tell your children/loved ones?

Live the moment.

Into the time machine again. What do you miss about being a kid?

Getting no bills.

Your hobbies and other fun questions

Excessive chopping dulls the axe. Time-outs are a must. What do you do when you take time off from creating? Got any hobbies?

I love to go fishing and enjoy time with friends for bbq or cooking.

What’s the last movie/T.V show you saw or book/magazine you read?

Movie : Into the wild

Name your all time favourite movie/show/book.

Haven’t any.

With all the X-men and heroes running around. Us mortals would like some powers too. What one superpower would you choose?

I grow my own food, thats already a superpower..

The genie comes out of the lamp and grants you one wish that will change the world. What would you wish for?

Less ego for all humans.

Your opinions and viewpoints

Got any theories on how the universe blossomed into existence or on the rationale of life? Are we in the matrix? Did god knit a hologram?

I just don’t care about it, I love to life the moment, as I told you before.

In an era where most people bear a close resemblance to sandpaper, it’s easy to snap. What are your dislikes/pet peeves/frustrations?

I don’t like ignorance, if we are talking about changing the world and carry about food, trash and that stuff.

How do you connect to the spiritual side of yourself?

My kind of meditation is to make music, dance, work in to the garden, prepare my wood, or go fishing.

Your relationship with psychedelics

Creativity and psychedelics work together. Do you agree? Why/Why not?

Just yesterday I realized once more that after I quite smoking weed, my music is getting more and more psychedelic so I can’t agree.

Are you pro-weed culture? Why do you think the majority of the population goes against the green?

Sure I am pro weed, but I don’t care any more about the politics behind that.

Advice for the readers and fans

At the end of the ride, everyone’s looking for some form of success (tangible or not), what does success mean to you?

To be satisfied with yourself.

Give us a nutshell of you the life philosophy/motto/mantra that you clutch close to your heart.

Same than before – just live the moment, enjoy time with friends and good conservations. Respect fucking nature!

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