Izwoz – ‘an interlocking construct of syntax symbolizing the rolling evolving nature of universal creativity – everything in existence is in the constant process of becoming something else’. Based in Adelaide South Australia, Izwoz is a team of three visual artists, music producers and fashion designers.

Every Izwoz formation is created with intent to reflect the holographic quality of universal creativity and the twisted mystery within. Izwoz imagery has been inspired by the fusion of nature with technology, visionary realms and comical prophecies.

Co-creating artworks and events with other people have been a major energetic force behind the creative process of izwoz art and the motivation to produce large scale artworks has largely been inspired by the global trance party experience.

Advancements in technology and the rapid rise in global communications have given some insight into the possibilities of the human future. The potential of humanity transforming itself into an entirely new species through the integration of technology is a huge source of inspiration for the Izwoz team. The excitement of having the opportunity of co-creating this global transformation is reflected in izwoz art.

Izwoz art gallery and fashion store can be found at the website

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