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There is no meaning – there is only life!
Unfolding his breathtaking ‚sonic mandala‘ upon dance floors since more than a decade, Laughing Buddha established a signature style of Psytrance music that is both consistent in quality and highly dynamic in its evolution.
What is it about Psytrance in your opinion that sets it apart from other dance music genres?
Psytrance is not only a form of entertainment… It also serves a different purpose. Whilst it is highly entertaining and can be enjoyed on that level, it can also act as a portal to attain different states of consciousness through its mantra-like repetition, abstract sounds, and strong energy. I call it the sonic mandala.

What do you like the most about your job? And the least…?
The most rewarding part is the indescribable thrill of hearing a new track unfold in the studio and bearing witness to the creative process. The travelling can be pretty exhausting, but there‘s not really much to dislike about this job!

After the success of your last album what do you have planned in the way of releases?
I‘m just putting the finishing touches on an absolute banger of a collaboration album. I have had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing musicians in the scene including Tristan, Eat Static, Dick Trevor, Avalon, Space Tribe, and Electric Universe. I‘m also working on a track for a new album being compiled by Tristan for Nano Records.

What does being part of the Nano family mean to you?
Nano is far more than just a record label… It is a global community of amazing, switched on people. It is an honour to be a part of that.

What state of mind are you trying to facilitate for your audiences during your show?
I hope that people will get what they need from my performances. Some people are just looking for a good time… And that‘s fine… But some people may be looking for a full out of body transcendental mind warp, and I hope they can get that too!

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