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My name is Léo Cremonese, I am a young French artist passionate about psytrance music and visual art.

This music, with its deep bass, its acid tones and its inherent spiritual dimension, is for me a bearer of images. For more than ten years, this musical genre has shaped my relationship with art and more particularly painting. The mystical dimension of psytrance music enabled me to develop a singular work through a universe that is unique to me. Very attached to the idea of an “aesthetic psytrance”, this music remains my first source of inspiration, and the engine of my artistic approach.

The Psytrance festivals are, in my eyes, true paradises on earth! With their incredible sites, in the middle of the nature it abounds of a tribal and psychedelic aesthetic. The appearance of all these hippie, traveler and funky freaks is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Their attitudes codified; skin tattooed, pierced and made up, clothes halfway between Mad Max and Woodstock, makes dancefloor a carnival with the color of the rainbow! I like to be inspired by these sound warriors to paint my characters.

My trip to Asia and the trance festivals i was able to do in the jungle contributed to shaping my univer. I like to paint scenes in the heart of the jungle; for me, the jungle is an organic place, ideal for a psychedelic party.

Having a training in traditional painting (watercolor, acrylic) I do a lot of digital painting. I also like photomontage: I assemble a lot of photos between them, then come to paint the light and the details; this gives a very real side to the images. I would like to work in scenography, for mix my paintings with the visual world of psychedelic festivals. I would also like to create CD covers, posters, flyers and any kind of images for various projects revolving around electronic music. I am open to any proposal …

You can see my artwork on my facebook page (Léo Cremonese) or at the following address :

Hoping you will like it …


Léo Cremonese

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