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Dj Magical aka Norbert Reiter was born in 1973 and has been living in Hamburg for 31 years. Starting out as a HipHop dj with 16, jockeying and scratching and everything, after 1992 when his first contact with Goa Trance had occurred, and he had experienced, amongst others, his first Shiva moon, he switched to playing Trance.

His progressive djing got going for real in 2004 when he played at all larger festivals in Europe and also his first VooV. At the desks using Ableton and remaining true to his cd‘s Prog is his style, not necessarily the traditional prankish Hamburg Progressive, but music that rocks. Nevertheless he is always good for surprises, sometimes doing daring, even commercial stuff.

After a year off when he felt he needed time spent apart from the music and the parties, he is currently working on several projects. There is one project with Fabio by the name of FM project, another with Riewert Petersen also being into Progressive realms but with elements of Electronic und Techno, And finally, a project called soundkitchen with Marco Menichelli of S.U.N. project with whom he has been working before. Soundkitchen is Prog for sure as well, but music that is pushing forward, So far, 3 tracks have been completed, and the album will have seen its final touches before the 3rd of December which means the freakplanet tour will be rocked by the first soundkitchen.
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