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No other female PsyTrance artist in the world is that strong and deep in story-telling and production quality than her at the moment. After 3 years of her first appearance her long-awaited debut album ‘Sexy Secret’ is now ready to conquer your passion, your heart and finally your love. PsyNina stands for massive and straight baselines, emotional and sensitive feelings, melo-dramatic story telling and honest, no-formula psytrance at a high production quality.
It sounds creamy and warm, harsh and basic, lovely and angry – you will discover this complexity which every human being consists of. The duality in your innerself. Touch this record and you will share her experience and her feelings. Dare this trip – and you will love it for months or maybe for ever.The Debut album ‘Sexy Secret’ by PsyNina is now available as digital download from for an interesting price !
Most of the nowadays tracks within the PsyTrance Genre are without any identity or just built with a formula which worked in the past for a good track. Other with this record. It discovers PsyNina’s several styles of PsyTrance and her awareness for arrangeing and feeling for sample or melody placement. Furthermore she does not sing, she does not have cheezy melodies – no simple arrange-ments and she does not come up with collaboration tracks with other known artists or with a chillout track in the end of the album but only with honest, powerful, energetic, dynamic and really unique party smashers best played during the first night hours or a morning sunset. Beside the party or festival aspect you can listen to this ‘Sexy Secret’ record perfectly at home, at car or during any other activity while you use your favourite portable music player. It works everywhere !
Artist Info

PsyNina is Nina K. Fox from Germany, born in March 1979 in Munich (South Germany). Since her first appearance with her track ‘Stop That Killing’ in January 2005 a lot of amazing tunes followed up and the interest in her music by international fans arised rapidly. She demonstrates a new way of interpretation of emotional but solid and straight psytrance. Her first experiences with electronic music was at an age of eighteen when she went to local house parties and techno events. By coincidence she got in contact with psytrance and since that time she was a passionate listener to this kind of music and visited a lot of parties and festivals.
After several years she started to get an own imagination of the music she loved so much and started to experiment with tunes and remixes. During this time she also got more and more into contact with other producers and artists of the scene. Although she got impressions and small hints from them she always kept her own way of arrangeing and demonstrating samples, sounds and the own feeling for what a track deserves or needs. This is why one can feel Nina more dramatical differently than any other artist. This power, energy and love was much more unleashed when her own fate assumed control over her future life. When Nina experienced how fragile life can be and the connection to beloved persons can be separated from one second to the other, she did not know that all this energy and emotion would flow into her musical expression. And all this is how you can have her – feel her and hear her.

Psynina ist Nina K. Fox aus München, geboren 1979. Im Januar 2008 wird ihr Debutalbum „Sexy Secret’ auf PsyTropic Records erscheinen. Es gibt keine andere weibliche Psy-Lady auf der Welt, die in ähnlichem Maße so begnadet Geschichten erzählt – und das auf einem sehr professionellen Level.
Seit sie vor drei Jahren auftauchte, wird auf ihr Debutalbum gewartet, das mit einem klaren Stil sicher den Weg in Eure Herzen finden wird: Massive und gradlinige Bässe, emotionale Gefühle, melodramatische Geschichten und ehrlicher, unformelhafter Psytrance. Nina pur, ohne Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Musikern, ohne Chillout-Track am Ende.
Desweiteren, weder singt Nina noch benutzt sie billige Melodien – es gibt also keine simplen Arrangements auf die Ohren, nur treibende, energetische Partykracher für die ersten Stunden der Party bzw. Sonnenaufgangsmusik. Aber natürlich ist dieses „Sexy Secret’ auch für Zuhause oder fürs Autofahren bestens geeignet – es funktioniert einfach überall!

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