What’s been cooking in the sphere of Marijuana?

It’s been a busy new year for Marijuana, as green business spout all around the world…a billion dollar industry is on the rise, and it’s interesting to follow the current trends.

Cannabis legalization has opened up a universe of alternative career options, for instance if your knowledge on weed is encyclopedic you could become a ‘Budtender’, someone who assists customers in making the perfect marijuana purchase. Or you could become a ‘Trimmer’, since there’s got to be a professional who crops the buds that end up on the table. With the industry still building with steam, it will be some time before the marijuana market reaches its the saturation point, so for the moment foraying into a legal marijuana start-up is definitely a good idea.

Or if you’re the adventurous sort you can create a new cannabis friendly gadget, there’s tons out in the market from an eyeball pipe, to the gas bong mask which catches every little wisp of smoke…it’s like a hot box for your face. Then there’s Incredibowl, a pipe that looks like spark plug, featuring a heat sink & expansion chamber for one full-bodied hit after the other. On the downer side, the cops have gone innovative as well, and they will soon be implementing the Cannabix Breathalyzer to check for weed DUI’s.

But besides that bit of unnerving news, it’s good to know that the popularity of Marijuana goodies have gone into full-bloom…the types of edibles infused with cannabis extract have multiplied faster than a pair of love-struck bunnies. Cannabis extracts have slowly gathered a range of nicknames such as shatter, wax, honeycomb, oil, crumble, sap, budder, pull-and-snap. Although the names are vast and could get your head spinning, there are only two main categories; Shatter and Wax. Shatter looks exactly like glassy caramel, it’s very brittle, hence the pseudonym brittle. Softer, more opaque oils which are no longer transparent after extraction are classified under the term Wax, i.e. gooey waxes are called ‘budder’ whereas the softer, fragile textured ones are called ‘crumble’. These extracts then find their way into products which are not only delicious but get you high without lighting up. To name a few there’s Reef Jerky (beef jerky infused with cannabis extracts), Cali High Thai’d Ice Cream, Glazed Pecans, High Chips (medicated potato chips) and even Canapa Pizza Sauce with a potency of 150 mg THC. Go indulge.


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