Some people are thrilled, others say that these things filter out valuable active ingredients – the opinions about Tip Tubes are divided.

LOL TipTube

LOL TipTube

When it comes to Tip Tubes, opinions differ. Some claim: “Forget about it, those filters just reduce the effect!” What’s your comment?

Well, they do reduce the effect – but only the harmful effect of the smoke! Tip Tubes filter the toxin out of the intoxicant, so to speak. That means that condensate and  nicotine remain in the activated charcoal, the active substances do not.

Would you say there is something like “healthy smoking”?

No. Smoking is unhealthy and it always will be. However, smokers can reduce the amount of unhealthy stuff they inhale, for instance the amount of tar. Our Tip Tubes offer a good tool to do so.

Actually how did you come up with the idea?

No matter if spliff or pipe – I always felt the smoke was way too hot. So I started looking for a possibility to make it cooler. Eventually I came up with the Tip Tube… that was about 15 years ago.

LOL TipTube

LOL TipTube

So you actually invented them?

Well, I would never claim that I’m the first one who had this idea – but my former company Dr. Donners Crazy Import was definitely the first one who introduced Tip Tubes to this scene.

You are looking back on almost 15 years of experience with *lol* Tip Tubes – What makes them special?

First of all, there is no plastic involved. For two good reasons: It’s shit for the environment and for your health. The two tiny caps of our tips are made of ceramics which guarantees straightforward handling. Last but not least, we always wanted to offer a quality product for a fair price.