If you are looking for the latest technology and futuristic design then have a look at the bongs of New Ways.

You have water pipe manufacturers, and then there is Newways. Aiming for a healthier dimension of smoking Newways offers the most recent innovation both in terms of design and function. The wide range of bongs is specifically designed and produced to grant a 100% satisfying smoking experience. Responding to the trend for healthier and more advanced ways of consuming herbs and resins, Newways aims at the reduction of smoke‘s harmful by-products. Where once water pipe traditionally simply cooled the smoke through water filtering, in the last years additional percolators and diffusers have been designed to catch ashes and prevent water splashes. The Grace Glass bongs offer a complete line of bongs, pipes and

The New Ways - Grace Bongs

The New Ways – Grace Bongs

accessories for the real connoisseurs. Moreover, the bongs are uniquely designed for particular use. If that is concentrates and oils then check the Oil line featuring all the latest technology as titanium nails, vapour domes and skillets. Even with basics all-purpose water pipes at Newways the user can select the most appealing product matching his/her need. Many armed tree percolators, inline diffusers, disc filtering and glass turbines are just a few options. There are also ‚‘external‘‘ accessories like precoolers and smoke chambers to expand the possibilities even of the most basic pipe. Generally, their products feature 7mm glass wall thickness, state of the art components and a wide selection of colours and details answering the personal choice even for the most demanding experienced user. A full catalogue is available at www.ggbongs.com. As they distribute their products all over the world, it is usually no big deal to acquire them at your local headshop.

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