1004917_558698287549383_1352801424_nThere are no forbidden fruits in this garden of dreams. Everything is 100% legal, and it‘s accessible from every device that is connected to the internet. A Smart Shop that stands out due to great experience, a great product range, and great customer service.

Okay, it has some pretty awesome nature and the climate is obviously pretty nice, as well. But then there‘s only one guy and one chick – not exactly a great selection. Even worse, there‘s forbidden fruits… how can that be fun? Nope, ladies and gentlemen there are certainly better places than the Garden of Eden. For instance the Soma Garden. You can find many delights for psychedelic minds in this place, and it‘s accessible from any laptop, tablet or smartphone. Even more important: There are no forbidden fruits in the Soma Garden. Or, rather: No forbidden seeds or plants. Everything is 100% legal. You fancy a stimulating, yet mellow high? Then you should definitely check out Kratom. Its effect is described as a mixture of chewing coca leaves and smoking opium. At Soma Garden you‘ll find pure Kratom leaves, an extract and a liquid in various quantities. Another psychelicious aspect of Soma Garden is that you can find some really beautiful seeds here. Peyote, for instance – a plant that needs no introduction, but that surely needs a lot of patience to grow. Soma Garden provides detailed instructions how to plant your own cactuses. Also Hawaiian woodrose might be interesting for you, another heavenly high probably never heard of in the Garden of Eden! However, these were just two examples from the extremely wide product range of Soma Garden. Herbal Caps, Magic Mushrooms, resigns… you name it, they have it! If not, they will send it later – for free. Soma Garden offers great support via Facebook and Twitter, and this where their long.year experience as a Smart Shop comes into play. Plus there are always some nice specials, so it surely never gets boring.


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