Our cover artist Guillermo Alarcon aka EgNogRa was born in Mexico City, where he had his first contact with psytrance in 1997. Since then, he says, he felt activated by a higher collective universal consciousness to make what he calls »Digital Alchemy«.

After he had moved to Houston, Texas to study Film and Animation, Guillermo headed off to San Francisco. He started to produce his own visuals with his favorite programs Maya, 3d Max to animate and create compostes, as well as cut video on a PC.

In 2005 EgNogRa founded Shaman Films Records with the vision to create an outlet for visual artists and electronic muscians.

Although he is living in the States now, his Mexican background influences him a lot. EgNogRa is proud of the psychedelic tradition that has always been a part of the religion in Mexico and ties this up to his work. The finish of his release »Engrams Vol.1 Luminaria 2012«, a CD/DVD featuring the most interesting dark psy artists from the San Francisco bay area, was a perfect way to show the most recent digital artwork coming out of Mexico and to demostrate the talent of this culture.

The artist enjoys the absurd and the bizarre as a healing therapy for the soul and mind ;0)

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