Hemp Five CoverOf course you know, who the father of Luke Skywalker is – but actually who created the HEMP FIVE? Meet Stefan Theurer, professional graphic designer, illustrator and caricaturist since more than 25 years. Based in South Germany he made himself a name in many different scenes, Steve Stoned being his alias for hemp lovers. His extensive portfolio includes book covers, illustrations for books, comics, cartoons, posters, game design, puzzle motives, characters and corporate identity. Enough said – lets have some words with this likable dude!

Grow a millionCreating new characters all the time you must be an expert on the subject of charisma. How do you explain this phenomenon, how come that some people have plenty of it, others only few?

Well, I think every human is born with certain traits. In this respect each and every character is one-of-a-kind, but at the same time it is connected to everything! After birth we are shaped by education, by our environment, our life experience, etc. It’s a complex combination of these factors that creates what is referred to as “charisma”. Some people appear to be very open-minded, others overly analytic.

rasta_lady_posterSo how do you manage to put all this into the picture of a character?

There are various factors, I think. One of them might be many years of experience with drawing and with people in general. Another one is that I am working as a caricaturist and speed painter since more than 10 years – so I learned pretty well to recognize a person, its profile and its traits.

Would you describe your workflow as intuitive or rational?

Definitely both! For instance the original idea of the HEMP FIVE characters came straight from the heart, so that’s intuitive. Later I worked rather technical, also using Photoshop for the final touches.

So what’s your favourite HEMP FIVE character?

Hum… maybe the young lady on the right side of the cover, I would really like to dance with her at some party!

Voodoo ChildWhat kind of sketches can be found on your desk at the moment?

At the moment I am working on the motives for an event, plus I am doing the design for a new exhibition named “Purple Haze – A Phantastic Art Experience!” It’s both Sci Fi / Fantasy motives, actually my favourite motives… a whole galaxy full of fantastic possibilities.

Hemp ProtectorYou are making a living as an artist, many people dream of that. Please comment on 3 of the most common stereotypes about this lifestyle!

Cliché: You sleep off each and every day. Fact: My alarm goes off between 6 and 7 in the morning.

Cliché: You are doing lots and lots of free arts. Fact: Lots and lots of contract work.

Cliché: You are a party animal. Fact: I’m go partying only 2 – 3 times per month.


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