DJJJWith the Big Boom in the popularity of electronic music, the headcount on the DJ Bandwagon is growing exponentially by the second…How long till the boards crack and they all come tumbling down?

Don’t get this post wrong, REAL DJ’ing is hard work, there’s tons to do, you can’t prance about, or off the stage for expanded periods of time, you’ve got to keep it together. Although authentic DJ’s can spot the scent of a fake one, like a bloodhound trailing a rabbit, unfortunately, the audience cannot distinguish rip-off’s from genuine goods. The audience can’t be faulted; after all, they’ve come to dance, not to play spot the difference.

Sadly, the easy availability of cheat codes, which allows just about anyone to ‘DJ’ has turned the once admired position into a mockery…and the joke’s on the real DJ’s who work hard to make the music flow.

It’s a no-win situation, because even as people get smarter at spotting the fakers, rumour has it that the fakers are busy enrolling in the course “101 Fool-Proof ways to Fake it” which covers helpful tips such as:

  • Rule number one: Don’t hold on to one button for too long, this is the easiest way to get busted. Your hands move quick and swiftly over the decks, like house-flies trying to get at a piece of cake.
  • Rule number two: Don’t leave the console for too long. This is another give-away that you’ve programmed your set. If you really need to pump up the crowd, hire a hype-man, while you look busy.
  • Rule number three: Look busy. Always. Always. Always.

The following videos do an epic parody on the entire situation:

Then watch the mainstream electronic heroes, (cough, cough):

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