Chris Dyer - Photography by J.F. Maihot1
One could describe the work of Peruvian-born Chris Dyer as psychedelic street art – for he does not see the gallery, but the street as the place where his art can best unfold its effect. And so one finds his colorful, highly psychedelic and yet remarkably clear paintings on shoes, skates, surf and snowboards, on hats, cars and of course the walls of the urban concrete jungle. Next year there will be a documentary about his work and his numerous travels on DVD, as well as an art book with “260 pages of various visual explosions of the soul”…

Soccer was the rule, back then in the boys-only elementary school in Lima. Thus Chris, a highly imaginative boy who was barely ever seen not doodling something, was regarded to be quite a nerd.

But the young Peruvian kept on scribbling, always feeling the urge to create something new, to check out unknown techniques and to switch up mediums and styles.

In this way he developed step by step a very independent and truly unique style. His paintings are bursting with colours and combine profound psychedelic ideas with a highly energetic clarity. But there is even more: He pursues an approach that could be described as psychedelic Street Art.

“I think canvas painting allows a nice surface to express something really powerful, but it can also be boring to always just do squares n rectangles, stuff with corners. Visionary art has to escape the galleries and hit the streets to reach the real masses who need it”, the nowadays Canada based artist explains. Which is why his work can be found on shoes, skate-, snow-, and surfboards, on hats, vehicles, vinyl toys, records and of course also on the walls of the urban concrete jungles. It is really just like Chris, that he can’t restrict himself to one medium to paint on, he can’t decide for a favourite technique: ‘I think I can do my sickest stuff with acrylic paints, but then I also like to just jam out some quick spray paint murals on a hot sunny day. Drawing is fun, video is fun, sculpture is fun’ Chris does not regard himself to be part of a particular scene. Nevertheless he has a very clear idea of psychedelic art: ‘It comes from parallel dimensions, vibrating at a higher frequency; Visions from beyond our physical reality. This is not necessarily tied into drugs as all realities already exist inside us. Not necessarily positive, but hopefully.’ During the past 3 years he has been collaborating on a documentary movie about his art and his numerous journeys, that will be published on DVD in spring. He has just finished ‘260 big glossy color pages of visual soul explosions of different kinds’ – quite a promising thing to watch out for in 2011!

Roberdo Raval

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"Humanitree" Oils, 2012
I started this new piece at the "expanded visions" Seminar in Italy. It was the piece that was guided by the very awesome visionary master Maura Holden. It uses a similar misch technique from my portrait, where you build up images in white and then glase them, but with no egg tempera, just oil paints. I did 75% of this after the seminar though, mostly in Belgium. Pretty happy how it came out. It represents the chaotic bio-mechanical nature of human society.
"The Muncher of Mushroomland" -Belgium, Jan 2015

I just spent the last 2 weeks painting (n acrylics) this commission canvas, based on the mystic creature I painted on the walls of COSM's Mushroom cafe, along Burgandy Viscosi . 
Was really fun to try something on a more "fantasy" vibe, I feel I learnt lots from diving fully into it. 
If you're interested in a print of this, it as available on my online store here:
"Charlie the Catnip Killer" Acrylics, Belgium, January 2015
I was super stoked when one of my favorite DJs, THE GASLAMP KILLER from LA's Brainfeeder crew, commissioned me to paint a portrait of his beloved cat Charlie (@catnipkiller on instagram people!!). 
Cat portraits isn't something I've done before, but I had fun finding my own way to make him fit the rad vibe of this unique vinyl crusher. So this one goes out to all of ya DJ cats out there, especially those of you fucking with vinyl n instruments!
Merch off this might happen in some future, but I leave that up to GLK.
I wanted to start the week right by delivering the final picture of this painting that I have been working on for the last month (since the workshop I taught at Symbiosis in California). Im calling it "The Divine Comedian" and its about keeping a good attitude within the absurdity of this crazy world of ours. I really don't know where these creatures come from, but I am happy to birth them into existence!! Enjoy.
"The Listener" egg tempera and oils,  July 2012

I just returned from taking a 3 week Visionary art techniques workshop, in an eco-village called Torri Superiori in Italy. This is on eof the pieces I did there. The most excellent Amanda Sage taught me how to do the old school Misch technique where you lay out several layers of egg tempera and glase them with oils. This is my self portrait where I depicted myself listening and learning, which is always crucial in life in order to grow in and out.
"Cosm-unity Inte-Grey-ion" 2013 - 2014

I started this painting last year here at Cosm, as I assisted Alex n Allyson Grey with their painting workshop. Being here I was so impressed and inspired from all they have manifested,  uniting art and spirituality as a meditative path, and creating/sustaining a nurturing community around it. Its beautiful, so I had to express this Love with this painting. It took me a while to finish, and as I did, I realized I didn't do it for myself, but as an offering to them, so I gave it away to them. 
It's been super great to spend another 11 days on their land, making n sharing art with so many wonderful activated people here. I leave in half an hour and cant wait to be back fro more fun!!!
"WHAT?" spray paint, acrylics n black pigment, September 2014-
This freaky creature is a collabo piece between Montreal Killa artist Jason Botkin (KIN) and myself, done in a couple of days (both of us in between trips) for the DUO group art exhibition coming up next Friday. Due to the time constraints I just experimented with spray paint drips n made it more freestyle n playful but I think that added to how fun n weird this dude came out. See at the show, details here:
"Anchor of Light" Nov-Dec 2012
This is an oval wooden canvas I've been going at in my free time the last couple of months. It is actually a collaboration with visionary master Amanda Sage, who did the background and the face, during our time together in Australia. I think that my sharp masculine lines mixed well with her soft feminine ones, making it look like one unified piece. 
The intention behind this image is the healing of my dear wife Valerie, who has been suffering from health issues the last couple of years. I wanted to paint something that showed the awesome spiritual power she holds inside and hopefully it can help her collect enough light and energy to have a strong body again and resume her life. This prayer and my constant support is all I can do for now. Big thanks to Amanda for helping me make it a special one.
"Sedated Slave-Ship" April 2015
Just finished this Poster Illustration for a Festival I am doing in Waubun, Minesota (Pure Bliss Ranch) this summer (July 30 to August 2nd) called "Cosmic Ascension". 
It is a remake of a drawing called "My Soul's Car" from 1998, when I was 19 and expressed a darker vibe. I turned into a spaceship and took it to the next level. I wanted to paint it with watercolors, but I am so crazy busy these days that I did it in Photoshop for now, which still came out pretty rad. 
Once I lay it out as a poster we will offer it for sale online, so stay tuned!! I Believe pins n tees will happen too.
"Feedback from Beyond" 
Feb 2014, acrylics n spray paint.
Last week I painted this trippy dude, and his lil spirit friend,  on a wooden canvas, for Station 16 Gallery, who is taking it to The Fountain Arts Fair in New York next month. May they have a good time! For info on the art fair go here:

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