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Jessica Perlstein is a visual artist who grew up in Petaluma, CA and is now based in San Francisco.  Art has always been a passion since childhood, and she grew up in a home which encouraged and inspired creativity.  She attended art school at the Academy of Art University where she earned her BFA in Illustration in 2006.  Her biggest inspirations involve music and nature, which have both led her towards her artistic path that she is on today.  Her love of nature and interest in medicinal plants and healing led her to the jungles of Peru, where she stayed with a native shaman and artist.  Here she learned and worked with various plant “teachers”, accumulating a pool of inspiration to draw from.  Her journey left her with the strong message that if one listens to their gut instincts and intuitions, and follows their heart despite seemingly difficult feats, that any dream can be achieved.  She credits this journey to be the reason why she has been able to accomplish all she has to this day.

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