Twisted Kala’s first approach to music was with Hardcore and Drum and Bass. She was always drawn to intense sounds often found in punk. After 10 years of classical music theory at Montpellier’s Conservatory in France and over seven years experience using production software, she has developed a unique sound many worldwide have come to recognize and love. To her, dancing and listening to music is considered active meditation. It is a method of becoming aware of your connection to the universe. She has spent the last 10 years dancing and sharing her music worldwide, allowing many to embark onto deep journeys within themselves.

Your life-story and relationship with your work

Tell us a little about you and your work:
Everything is frequency, vibration…. So everything is sound some how, even if we don’t hear all. So I work to understand and modeling the frequencies, and share this knowledge to the world via sounds.

Currently what projects are you working on? And what future plans have you chalked out for yourself?:
My main project is my psytrance project Twisted Kala. I can play 6 hours, Live act + Dj set, to embark peoples in a deep journey…. I start also a slowler project call KalaFlow, Dj for now, Break beat rythme, Ninja Tunes Rec label….And will start produce soon this style also. I organized few events already…. My idea is to create, and participate, at the creation of a magical world.

What influenced you to get into your field?:
Breaks beat rythms. Psycho and punk sounds. Classical Music. Ethno music, percusions, Didjeridoo. I done 10 years classical music theory and piano at the music conservatory of France.

As an artist, what role do you think you play in society?:
Help the world to releaze that life is beautiful, magical…. That we are on earth for a nice purpose and that we can just follow the flow.

You obviously love what you do…but what do you love the most about your work?:
I love travelling, meet new magical peoples and participate consciously at the creation of the world. We are the creators of this world, I’m here to help peoples to remind it and creat consciously….. I love bring peoples deep inside themself on the dancefloor and share with them this so strong energy. It is awesome. I love also discovering all this new places and peoples who live there, with their uses and habits, traditions.

Creating on a regular basis can be a bloody tough job, so what motivates you to press yourself into the workstation every single day?:
I meet a lot of artists, so we share music time and knowledge, and it gives a lot of motivation. Also producing music is meditation and I kind of need it. I move a lot to go play, so it is awesome after that be home producing. My studio is facing the ocean, best place ever! 🙂

Share your experiences and your characteristics/personality

No man is an island’- they say, in this light, what quality do you admire the most in others?:
I’m a positive girl!

Everybody’s got favourites…so what’s your favourite work/piece among everything that you’ve designed/produced/dj-ed/created? (Link us up!):
My 2 last magical EP:

Name a few of your all time favourite tracks. (From other artists if you are producer).:
Kasatka – Endless Stories Technical Hitch – Mama India Nimba meets The Nommos – Seed of Conciousness Arcek & Psykovsky – zum Neer Ambus Valley D Chorus On

When have you been most satisfied in your life? Care to share one of your happiest memories?:
Ho…So much so much so much! Because more you are thankfull more things to be thankfull come to you. SO…. For sure amazing trances on dancefloor..So deep that the energy was moving so strong my body, like a strong wind…. I did swim close a whales and her baby…. Also with a turtle…. Ho so much…. The desert in Australia… Ho so much… Life is AMAZING for who believes in angels!

Habits die hard. Which one word always creeps in your speech?:

Knock, knock, we want to hear a good joke.:
The best plan in life to be happy is NO PLANS! 🙂

There’s a book on the shelf. It’s your autobiography. What does the title say?:
Everything is sound! How to play with the frequencies and be happy!

Into the time machine again. What do you miss about being a kid?:
the thing is I kept all funny sides of a kids….hihi! Why loosing it and then miss it? Hi! Hi! 🙂

Your hobbies and other fun questions

Excessive chopping dulls the axe. Time-outs are a must. What do you do when you take time off from creating? Got any hobbies?:
Every morning I do yoga, sun salutations + Pranayam Yoga. I care of doing exercises in nature…Like walk on beach…. Some BBQ with friends….. Creating with friends…hihi! 🙂 Discovering new synths….. Learning the universe….The new science discoveries…..

With all the X-men and heroes running around. Us mortals would like some powers too. What one superpower would you choose?:
Each day we become litle bite more super human if we work on it…. This is one of my game I love it. 🙂

The genie comes out of the lamp and grants you one wish that will change the world. What would you wish for?:
Wake up Humanity! 🙂

Your opinions and viewpoints

Got any theories on how the universe blossomed into existence or on the rationale of life? Are we in the matrix? Did god knit a hologram?:
Everything is made from the same elementary materies…. What define what it is (from light, sound, to matter), is how fast is its frequency…. Our brain is a big receptor and transmitor of this frequencies…. So what we feel and believe creat the reality…..

How do you connect to the spiritual side of yourself?:
Any kind of meditations. It can be yoga, pranayam yoga, music production, be aware of myself while I do something, dancing, feeling the nature….. As much as I can…..

Your relationship with psychedelics

Creativity and psychedelics work together. Do you agree? Why/Why not?:
It can be in 1 part of the life to open the doors…. Then let’s work to open the doors all the time naturally.

Are you pro-weed culture? Why do you think the majority of the population goes against the green?:
I like yes ….. 🙂

Advice for the readers and fans

At the end of the ride, everyone’s looking for some form of success (tangible or not), what does success mean to you?:
Be happy and live in abundance, while bringing more peoples happy around us.


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