We first noticed this 3D animator and projectionist while looking for extraordinary artists to support our current Mushroom tour. We discovered that 1000 Errors is anything but a black horse in the visual culture of the Psy Trance scene. For instance, he was responsible for creating custom animations for the outer-space DJ booth aka ‘The Shpongletron’ which featured in Shpongle’s North American tour last year. For our party tour, he filled us with enthusiasm while showing us a great mushroom-related visual trip.

Originally from the UK, 1000 Errors currently lives in the Netherlands. Over the past 7 years he has refined his personal approach to intuitive and interactive visual creation. Being an avid music lover, he pays special attention to harmonic synchronisation of the sound and image. Sound reactive software is one method, but as the human being is probably the most sensitive ‘interface’, his custom designed touch screen controller is the perfect device to ensure that the multi-layered visuals are completely in sync with the music.

The combination of his academic degrees in both animation and multimedia design, his practical experience and last but not least, his creative talent and psychedelic touch definitely makes him an up-and-coming visual artist to watch out for. So keep your eye out for him at Europe’s festivals this summer!

Als 3D-Animator und Visualkünstler ist er alles andere als ein unbeschriebenes Blatt. Seine Projektionen waren z.B. während der Shpongle Nordamerika-Tour auf der außerirdisch anmutenden DJ-Kanzel zu sehen, dem ‘Shpongletron’. Eine perfekte Synchronisation von Bild und Ton ist für den begeisterten Musikliebhaber 1000 Errors ganz besonders wichtig.

Dabei verlässt er sich auf klangsensible Software, am liebsten aber auf seine speziell angefertigten Controller, mit denen er komplexe Visuals aufschichtet. Zu sehen gibt es dieses Spektakel diesen Sommer auf vielen Festivals!

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