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Felix Stöver speaks to us from the Other Side. He died in November 2010. At the mushroom on tour events you can see his mind-blowing paintings for the last time in a party environment.

Felix – Teachings from the Other Side

“The essence of Felix’ pictures is that they want to be experienced“ says the administrator of the deceased decoration artist and illustrator from Hamburg. „That’s why it is important for his parents to show his work once again to all his fans, and all fans of fluorescent art for that matter, so they can experience the full potential.“ This is what’s going to happen at 4 events of the mushroom Tour. „Felix put into his pictures an incredible amount of experience with human nature and the zeitgeist. To experience these pictures is to obtain information about your own existence.“ These words might give you an idea why his work used to be part of some very special parties when Felix was still alive.

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